07. October 2019 - 9:00
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2019 LeaderEvolution - Series 2 | Leadership Victoria | Monday, 07. October 2019

About the Program
Leadership Victoria views leadership as a practice, rather than a position. It’s about mobilising others towards achieving important outcomes in order to thrive. The concept of thriving draws from evolutionary biology - that organisations and individuals, like species, have to preserve what’s working for them, discard what’s holding them back, and evolve in ways that enable them to thrive in all conditions.
Leaderevolution is designed to help you lead in an adaptive way – to find your leadership edge.
The program is a 3-day experience comprising interactive workshops, stories from the field and facilitated discussion. Methodologies including case-in-point and peer case consultation processes, are introduced by facilitators who are experts in these processes, with a view to using and shaping the experiences of the group to illustrate real world leadership teachings.   
A core component of the program is the peer consulting process -  working with the Cambridge Leadership Associates method of peer case consulting, each participant will have an opportunity to practice, in a controlled setting, the ideas being explored in your program and to get feedback from their program peers about their specific adaptive leadership challenges
Through work-based exercises, participants will practice and apply the framework to real-life leadership challenges to:

Gain a practical set of techniques and tools to apply to personal, team and organisational challenges
Build adaptive leadership skills to help tackle complex team or organisational challenges
See the benefits in both theoretical and practical applications
Generate actionable ideas to make progress with complex challenges
Discover new ideas, thinking, concepts and a new approach to leadership

Who should attendMid-managers, team leaders and those in leadership or project management roles who need to influence and mobilise others to achieve outcomes


Pre reading and program materials
Your Leadership Edge book
LV Journal
Graduation certificate and presentation at program conclusion
Fully catered

Program Dates
Day 1: Monday 7 October 2019
Day 2: Tuesday 8 October 2019
Day 3: Monday 28 October 2019