26. May 2017 - 18:00 till 20:00

Binary Star - Creature Creature | Outré Gallery | Friday, 26. May 2017

Join us from 6pm to 8pm, Friday May 26th.
At Outre Gallery Melbourne, 249 Elizabeth Street.
Drinks will be provided by Feral Brewing!

Creature Creature is made up of creative couple Chanel Tang (NZ) and Ambrose Rehorek (AUS), whose opposite areas of ability makes for a solid artistic duo, “Ambrose loves starting an artwork but finds it hard to complete them. Whereas Chanel finds a blank canvas daunting so prefers the middle to end ages of creating an artwork.” They met when studying a Diploma of Graphic design at RMIT, both coming from a background in Fine Arts, they bonded over a mutual love of all things art. After gaining valuable insights into the graphic design world, their work became a mixture of these influences, combining their love of street art and illustration with strong historical influence. Since then they have exhibited throughout Melbourne and interstate with 4 major solo shows under their belt. Creature Creature play with the idea of duality, east meets west, and the natural world.

Creature Creature's upcoming exhibition at Outre Gallery, ‘Binary Star’, is a literal representation of their forces combined, symbolising dualism which is present in many relationships. A binary star is a pair of stars which orbit around a common centre of mass, and remain united by the bond of their own mutual gravitation towards each other. Creature Creature draws comparisons to the structure of a Binary Star to relationships between humans, looking at the way in which the elements remain united through their own mutual gravitation towards each other. Delving into concepts which could enhance such a gravitational effect such as “yin and yang and the philosophy of balance.”
  • Hi guys, apologies but Nus and I can't make it. I've already got a team event I'm attending Tom night.
  • Sorry we can't make it.
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  • Just realised I can't make this anymore coz I'll be in Sydney. Best of luck guys ☺
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  • Yesss! I'm gonna be in Melbourne! Cannot wait to finally see your work in person again <3
  • "A lot of our new work has new characters: a snake and a wolf like creature. The two characters are in a state of agony/ecstasy or a flight or dance. We are using these characters to express this idea of positive and negative forces with intensity and romanticism." - Creature Creature
  • Working hard on their pieces in the studio last week!