06. October 2020 - 18:00 till 20:30
SPELD Victoria - Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties Support, Melbourne
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Demystifying Dyslexia: What it is strategies for Parents - Live | Tuesday, 06. October 2020

Demystifying Dyslexia: What it is and strategies to help your child - Live Online - Parent Programme

TICKETS: https://speld.secure.force.com/apex/EventDetails?Id=a170I00000vNzbRQAS

This workshop aims to give participants a broad overview of dyslexia, a Specific Learning Difficulty and provide a useful foundation for parents to understand more about the nature of dyslexia, its signs, and symptoms and how learners can be helped and supported at home.

Key Topics

* Dyslexia and its prevalence to co-occur with other learning difficulties

* Signs and symptoms of dyslexia

* Supporting learners with dyslexia at home

Specific Learning Difficulties are characterised by a child showing persistent and unexpected learning problems despite their general intelligence, development in other areas, positive learning attitudes and support received through good teaching.

There are a number of specific learning disabilities (sometimes referred to as specific learning disorders) that have the potential to impact on a student’s performance at school.

* Dyslexia – A specific learning disability in reading.

* Dysgraphia – A specific learning disability in written expression.

* Dyscalculia – A specific learning disability in mathematics.


Dyslexia is the most common form of learning disability, accounting for 80% of all children identified. Problems

with reading and related difficulties in comprehension, spelling, and writing are common for these children.

Many people with dyslexia also experience difficulties with working memory, attention and organisational skills.