11. December 2017 - 11:00
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FavourEconomy :: Stations + Doing Feminism / Sharing the World | George Paton Gallery | Monday, 11. December 2017

FavourEconomy is being exhibited at George Paton Gallery and participating in ‘Doing Feminism / Sharing the World’ curated by Professor Anne Marsh this coming December in Melbourne.

FavourEconomy:Stations will present audio recordings shared by over 80 women in a public but intimate listening environment at George Paton Gallery. Multiple headsets placed on 24 separate chairs play the sound files on a randomised and continuous loop. Each chair is a site specific offering conceived by a contributor as a symbolic representation of themselves and their art practice - otherwise these are simply a seat that a contributor would like the visitor to sit on while listening. A series of public programs and performances will accompany the exhibition, see below and event links for further details.

Carolyn Cardinet
Stella Chen
Charmaine Cole
Elizabeth Barsham
Amanda Davies
Linda ******
Julie Dowling
Claire Field
Janice Gobey
Katya Grokhovsky
Alana Hunt
Wina Jie
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger
Sue Manchoulas
Nancy Mauro-Flude
Mish Meijers
Dahne Julian Molony
Caroline Phillips
Nuha Saad
Bronwyn Treacy
Cora-Allan Wickliffe
Linda Wilken
Ana Young
Tian Zhang


:: The Abundant Abandoned ::
Carolyn Cardinet
A presentation and talk on how the artist came to look at the abundance and abandonment of materials around us, followed by experimental play with found materials.

:: Artist Talk ::
Sue Manchoulas
Tuesday Dec 12, 5-6pm

:: Cutting Through ::
Michelle Cawthorn
Wednesday Dec 13, 3-5pm
Artist facilitated collage workshop

:: Practicing art while female ::
Katya Grokhovsky
Friday Dec 15, 4-5pm
'Practicing art while female' is a live streamed performance lecture that will be presented during Finissage by artist Katya Grokhovsky - located in New York

:: Awry Signals: A Eulogy for the Stellar [Girls] ::
Linda ****** & Nancy Mauro-Flude
Friday Dec 15, 5-6pm
Presented during Finissage

Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga, Nicole Barakat, Elizabeth Barsham, Heather Burness, Kate Brown, Julieanne Campbell, Carolyn Cardinet, Michelle Cawthorn, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Stella Chen, Charmaine Cole, Rebecca Conroy, Lottie Consalvo, Dagmar Cook, Yvette Coppersmith, Anzara Clark, Penny Coss, Elisabeth Cummings, Selena de Carvalho, Amanda Davies, Paula do Prado, Julie Dowling, Linda ******, Briony Downes, Julia Drouhin, Michele Elliot, Claire Field, Caren Florance, Hayley Megan French, Ann Fuata, Rebecca Gallo, Shanequa Gay, Jane Giblin, Janice Gobey, Katya Grokhovsky, Michaela Gleave, Jo Holder, Alana Hunt, Helen Jones, Wina Jie, Janis Lander, Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger, Danica Knezevic, Nicole Kelly, Anita Larkin, Carla Liesch, Anna Magdalena Laerkesen, Sue Manchoulas, Valda Marshall, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Gail May, Mish Meijers, Sarah Milgate, Emily Millichip, Dahne Julian Molony, Catriona Moore, Laimah Osman, Brigita Ozolins, Alex Pedley, Caroline Phillips, Kate Power, Laura Purcell, Penny Ryan, Nuha Saad, Mia Salsjo, Esther Shohet, Gaele Sobott, Pip Stafford. Lyndal Thorne, Pam Thorne, Sian Torrington, Bronwyn Treacy, Sarah Vandepeer, Tricky Walsh, Cora-Allan Wickliffe, Yvette Watt, Linda Wilken, Ana Young, Tian Zhang &
Tianli Zu



Norma Redpath House
4 Painsdale Place, Cartlon VIC

From Dec 18-24 FavourEconomy will being Residence at Norma Redpath House as part of Doing Feminism/ Sharing the World curated by Professor Anne Marsh and Caroline Phillips. FavourEconomy Contributors and those interested in participating are invited to join FavourEconomy in residence to engage with the project in more depth. During the residency audience responses and audio favour data will be investigated to provide the basis for a new text-based projection artwork - mentored by Lyndal Jones. This residency will also act as an audio favour receiving hub for additional women and non-binary arts practitioners to record a favour and share it to the project.



:: Feminist principles of the Internet ::
Nancy Mauro-Flude
Monday 18 Dec 6pm

:: Feminism x culture ::
Tian Zhang
Open discussion exploring the intersections of gender and culture in art practice.
Tuesday 19 Dec 6pm

:: Julie Dowling in Conversation ::
Skype panel conversation with FavourEconomy and the public
Tuesday 19 Dec, 7.30 - 8.30pm

:: Unpaid labour : the correlation between children, women and the arts worker ::
Stella Chen
Wednesday 20 Dec, 6pm - 8pm

:: Art Talk ::
FavourEconomy co-leaders Claire Field, Alex Pedley and Bronwyn Treacy in conversation with Lyndal Jones - presented by Doing Feminism / Sharing the World
Thursday 21 Dec 6 - 8pm



FavourEconomy:Stations durational catalogue will develop throughout the exhibition & Doing Feminisms / Sharing the World residency to document events as they occur.
Catalogue essay by Briony Downes.

FavourEconomy is occurring at a time when we have the greatest numbers of women working in the arts, yet women still do not have commensurate representation in leadership, exhibitions, publications and collections. While there are many systemic issues to be addressed there is one area that can be addressed by this project. We aim to support a culture where women help out other women in order to strengthen the female voice and power in the arts. We posit that our efforts can benefit others and that the more we support one another the easier it will be for women to impact upon the circuit of contemporary art production and dissemination.

For so many women the path to ‘success’ in the arts is hazardous. Subsequently the female voice often vanishes from public discourse before being heard. FavourEconomy investigates and presents the lived experiences of a diverse range of female and female identifying practitioners working in the arts today- creating value of a different kind.

FavourEconomy is led by Claire Field, Alex Pedley and Bronwyn Treacy