25. March 2018 - 10:00 till 16:00

Healthy Body and Soul Festival, Sunday 25th March Brunswick | Brunswick | Sunday, 25. March 2018

Pamper your Body & Nourish your Soul.
An INTIMATE and BOUTIQUE event connecting you with the finest selection of Exhibitors, Psychics and Therapists.
Life is busy, enjoy some time out with us :)

Brunswick Town Hall, Crn Glenlyon & Sydney Road, Brunswick
Sunday 25th March 2018, 10 am to 4 pm

FREE Tickets to attend now available!
  • Need to refresh your candle collection? LMW Candles have a gorgeous collection for you to chose from! From a love of candles is where the flame of LMW Candles was lit. Each candle is lovingly hand poured using soy wax. A family run dream and business that prides itself on creating a beautifully scented candle to enrich and compliment any space. With a wide selection of fragrances and jars, we welcome you to come and light my wick and enjoy.
  • An added bonus, just for you! We shall be running workshops/talks throughout the day!!! FREE to attend, our experts will be offering guided meditations, psychics platforms and talks on various topics! We have started to add them to our website - we will be adding the official timetable later today! www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/whatson
  • Ticket update! We have sold out of round one tickets! Round TWO tickets are FREE afternoon tickets (1 pm to 4pm only) or you can purchase a ticket for $5 each and come along anytime!
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  • Reconnect with your wisdom! Reconnect with Wisdom is dedicated to empowering people to unlock their own intuition, and to be the best version of themselves! We know people have their own answers but often do not have the confidence or faith to access or trust them. Understanding the reasons for their reactions (thoughts, feelings, and behavioural responses) can be absolutely life-changing. Our products are designed to assist you to confidently access, trust and follow your own wisdom. If you want to reconnect with your wisdom, secure your FREE ticket via www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • Have you discovered USANA? Wellness Transitions USANA Associate Teresa is a Health and Wellness Coach, an Independent Associate for USANA and she will be joining us to introduce you to all the wonderful products that USANA have. USANA is a Cellular Nutrition Company. Teresa has many years of experience in the coaching sector and has had a health transition of her own utilising these fantastic products. USANA’s vision is to create the healthiest family on Earth and have a commitment to precise formulations, pure ingredients and continued research. Come along and discover USANA for yourself, secure your free ticket via this link www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • 🔥🔥🔥 We have just checked our tickets for this event and we only have FIVE tickets left for anytime FREE entry! Due to demand, we have released a second round of FREE tickets but these are for AFTERNOON entry only! Tickets are available via this link www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • Claudia from Clairvoyant Claudia Your Spiritual Mentor, Lighting Clarity will be joining us once more in our Healing Space. Claudia is a speech channel clairvoyant for the higher realms. Working with the ascended masters, archangelic realm and spirit guides, her spiritual gifts are clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance. During your session with Claudia spirit will bring through step by step processes to use and meaningful messages on how to move forward on your life path. Get your FREE ticket to attend this wonderful event via our website, www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • Excited to have Nature's Magick returning to our next event with their gorgeous range. Nature's Magick offers you a range of unique and quality silver gemstone jewellery, handmade crystal jewellery, crystals and minerals, sage, palo santo and incense. come along and check out their amazing range by securing your FREE ticket today! Free tickets are only available via this link: www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • We are delighted to have Anna Rose Healing joining us at our next event. Anna Rose is a 4th-generation Psychic Medium, Seer, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator, who comes from a long line of strong and naturally gifted psychics, including many lifetimes as a healer, seer and medicine woman. Our mission is to give you clear and accurate guidance to help you understand your current situation - love, relationships, career, life's purpose and soul's mission, energetic health, is it karmic behaviour, past life trauma, relinquishing vows and ancestral fear and doubt. Anna Rose has a unique way of helping her clients get more out of their session. By sitting with a client, Anna Rose is able to understand what therapies are best in that moment. Whether it’s a combination of five modalities or one, it will be based on your energy and guidance from spirit. No two sessions are the same, as situations change and shifts occur after one session. Anna Rose may incorporate the following therapies in one session: psychic mediumship, reiki, sound therapy, Atlantian sacred geometric clearing, ancestral clearing, crystal therapy, shamanism, oracle card reading, spirit art, Egyptian essential oils and ancient past life channeling. Animal Mediumship is also available (bring a photo on the day). Please note, all messages that come through on the day are messages you are "ready" to hear at that moment and are given to you for a reason. Anna will be available in our Healing Space on Sunday 25th March at Brunswick Town Hall.We have some free tickets to attend via our website: www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • Welcoming Sally Jane Holistics to the Healthy Body and Soul Festival, Sunday 25th March Brunswick. "Sally Jane Holistics" is an exciting new health & wellbeing brand featuring a selective range of exclusive products: quality yoga mats for kids and adults; beautiful matching bags to accessorise; “Where’s Pa?” picture book, written for children who carry a heavy heart; and Bowen Therapy By Sally, offering remedial sample treatments designed especially for you. Expo Specials are available on the day! Make sure you secure your tickets today via our website https://www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets to check out those specials!
  • We want you to have your best year yet! Join us at the Healthy Body & Soul Festival and be inspired to be the best version of you possible! Tickets are FREE www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com Sunday 25th March - Brunswick Town Hall
  • Today we would love to introduce you to A.R Life Coaching. Andrea will be joining us at this wonderful event on Sunday 25th March at Brunswick Town Hall. <3 “What we focus on expands!” Andrea Rodriguez – teacher and life coach has seen the power of this statement in her personal and professional life. She offers support and coaching to women facing the challenges of life after a divorce and also to women who “know” that there’s more they want in their lives and need clarity and focus to live out their best life. Andrea offers one on one coaching, runs workshops and has over 20 years of experience in education. “I have a strong desire to help other women experiencing similar life challenges that are preventing them from having and living the life they want. From my own experiences, I have learnt how often we are our own obstacles to the happiness and joy we desire. The great news is that we possess all the resources we need to create change and achieve what we want. I am passionate about supporting women as they navigate change in their lives by helping them gain clarity, focus and rediscover their power to achieve the life they want.” You can claim your FREE tickets to attend this event today via our website: www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • Have you tried Ayurveda? A 5000 years old Indian system of medicine! We are delighted to have Manjot from Essence Ayurveda joining us in our Healing Space you can try this wonderful system for yourself. Here are some more details: Essence Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic clinic and our aim is to help you achieve a balanced and healthy life through Ayurveda which is 5000 years old Indian system of medicine, by providing a range of lifestyle consultations and Ayurvedic treatments. With the help of our consultants, you get to know your body type, food & routines that works best for you. We help treat various health conditions through herbs, ayurvedic compounds, formulations, various therapies like massages, shirodhara etc and through panchakarma (a cellular level detox) We aim to bring a balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of wellbeing for you through this healing journey. Save the date and secure your tickets today. Sunday 25th March, Brunswick Town Hall. www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com
  • We are now taking final exhibitor bookings for this event! Book in now as spots wont last! For details please email info@wishfulevents.com.au Sunday 25th March - Brunswick Town Hall
  • We have almost run out of our FREE all day tickets to this event! We have just added a second round of FREE tickets,which are valid for the afternoon session only (1pm to 4pm) We currently have 28 all day tickets available, be quick to snap up one of these! www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • As promised time to start announcing our wonderful exhibitors! We are delighted to have White Light Publishing House joining us for the first time at the Healthy Body and Soul Festival, Sunday 25th March Brunswick. White Light Publishing House offers a range of inspirational books, oracle and affirmation cards, all created with love. They are a team of passionate souls, offering exceptional services with respect, love and authenticity. Recognizing the need for writers and artists to see their publishing dreams realized. They have created an affordable option that also allows their clients to maintain rights to their work, and control over their vision. Come along to discover their gorgeous range of books and cards available, or to have a chat about your dreams to be an author! Tickets are FREE via this link: www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets or $5 pp at the door!
  • Hello! We shall be starting to announce our wonderful exhibitors on this page next week! We have an amazing line up already! Love watching these events come together! <3 In the meantime, here are some cute Kittens to look at :) Have a GREAT weekend x
  • Ticket Update: We have just 35 tickets left to attend this event for free! Sunday 25th March, Brunswick Town Hall. Pamper your body & Nourish your soul,,, get your free ticket today!
  • We are busy behind the scenes planning this wonderful event for you! We shall start to announce exhibitors soon! In the meantime, make sure you secure your free ticket via this link www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets There are only 59 tickets left! <3 We look forward to welcoming you to our event!
  • What are You must looking forward to at the Healthy Body & Soul Festival?
  • Whats at the Healthy Body and Soul Festival, Sunday 25th March Brunswick? We have 2 spaces for you to enjoy at this event. Our Exhibiting Hall which will contain an exciting blend of natural products and holistic services for you to explore. Our Healing space is a chilled area offering psychics, readers and massage and therapists, for you to relax! Pamper your Body & Nourish your Soul at the Healthy Body & Soul Festival - tickets to attend our 100% free online at the moment. Secure yours today before they run out! www.healthybodyandsoulfestival.com/tickets
  • It's happening tonight! Who is staying up to moon watch tonight? Here are the times, so you know when to look up!
  • We are getting ready for this event! Are you ready? All you need is to save the date and pop over to our website to secure your FREE ticket, there are 83 left! Exhibitor enquiries, please email info@wishfulevents.com.au we have a couple of spots available t wait!
  • Want to exhibit at this event? Please get in touch ASAP before they are all gone 💛 Email info@wishfulevents.com.au