06. February 2019 - 17:30 till 19:00
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An Introduction to Entrepreneurial Project Management | Groundswell Startups | Wednesday, 06. February 2019

Being successful isn’t about hits, it’s about doing things right the first time. When done right, project managment can be a holistic solution to achieve milestones, satisfy customer needs and get a handle on opportunities and risks. In this seminar, Rupert Meghnot, CXO of Burnout Game Ventures, will break down why good project management is by far the best way to generate success - and do it consistently.

Rupert Meghnot, MBA, has been at the center of Central Florida’s tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems since 1992. He’s helped 500+ startups, and taught project management both at UCF and Full Sail (bachelors & masters). His former students have managed $billions in businesses & projects. As CXO for Burnout Game Ventures, he manages multiple startups and projects, a 550+ person Talent Pool, and 30 top industry Advisors.