10. December 2017 - 16:00 till 23:59
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Lagerstein 'ON ICE' Acoustic Sunday Sesh Live in Melbourne | Cherry Bar | Sunday, 10. December 2017

Lagerstein ‘ON ICE’

Unfurl the sails! All hands on deck! The mighty beerbong horn has sounded, and this means only one thing. The S.S Plunderburg is returning to her home port. After 7 months spent sailing the seas of Europe, LAGERSTEIN, Australia’s greatest crew of partying pirates are set to bring their rum guzzling tunes and massive stage show back to Australian shores. Lagerstein ‘ON ICE’ will see these larrikins fill the esky in preparation for five massive gigs this December, just as the Summer party season heats up. With handpicked supports and rums galore, it’s time to grab your dancing boots on, fill your greatest stein and prepare for a nonstop night of partying!


Lagerstein at The Cherry Bar, Acoustic Sunday Sesh w/ support from Keggin


Australia’s finest party outfit LAGERSTEIN are an utter phenonenon to behold. More than just a band, they combine metal, piracy, and theatre with the fire and energy of a house party! After a massive eight months spent in Europe over 2017, these musical brigands have embraced the true meaning of a pirate’s life in their quest to travel the globe. With partying skills honed to perfection, you’ll witness a spectacle of stage antics, rum soaked music, and a banger party!

Since the release of their sophomore effort ‘All For Rum & Rum For All’ these pirates have been taking no prisoners. On a quest to bring their infectious and powerful show to the party lovers of the world, Lagerstein must be seen to be believed. This is the finest party on offer of summer 2017. Grab your right boot, grab your best mate, this night will be unforgettable. The Party has begun!

Drink the Rum:

Land of Bundy:


Melbourne’s KEGGIN are a one of a kind breed. Probably the world’s only band dedicated to that finest of Australian beverages, goon, these guys combine catchy as **** punk with hilarious onstage antics, and a genuine passion for the fruity silver bag. Led by ‘Gary the Goon King’, they have had fantastic success with a range of timeless video’s, that take the listener on all out goon adventure. This night will see you witness a unique acoustic show by the legends, as they strip back their tunes and kick off this Sunday sesh in finest of style. With a glass raised of Australia’s finest, we salute the Goon King!

The Goon Song: