01. February 2019 - 9:00
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Liberate Your Life - A Weekend Unlike Any Other! | TBC | Friday, 01. February 2019

The Journey is a gentle and highly effective method to access the innate healing power of your being and let it transform every area of your life. Millions of people from 47 countries have used The Journey to find relief from depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship problems, physical illnesses and many other issues.
You can find out more about this profound healing work in the Journey ebook - download your free copy at . Read the story of Brandon Bays, the founder of the Journey, who used this method to heal from a basketball-size tumor in less than seven weeks! Learn how the Journey helps you access and clear out the hidden root cause of whatever is holding you back in life - you can even try it out for yourself using the instructions provided in the book! You can find a short introduction here:
Join us at our upcoming Journey Intensive seminar on 1-3 February 2019. At the Journey workshop, you will learn and undergo the Journey process in a graceful, step-by-step way and experience its powerful effects first hand. Many participants describe the Journey weekend as the most transformative experience of their lives. Here's what people have said: "This is the most cutting edge healing and freeing process available that I have found ... a gift of astronomic proportions ... the most important work being done for individuals in pain on the planet at this time." "Thank you for showing me how to take this large burden off my shoulders that I carried around for decades! This work is filled with wisdom, love and compassion." ~~~
For more info and to book, visit . Early bird price ends soon, so make sure you reserve your place now! 
~~~ The overriding feeling reported by thousands of individuals who have undergone the Journey process is one of liberation, a deep sense of clarity, and faith and trust in yourself. At the same time a lightness and a zest for life as old emotions, behaviors, illnesses and limitations fall away...

Experience it for yourself at the Journey Experience Seminar, or get your first taste of freedom by opening into the Journey process in the comfort of your own home--using the detailed instructions provided in the Journey book. Get it at , or at the bookstore of your choice.
The unlimited potential of your own soul is calling you home--begin your own healing journey today! ~~~