22. December 2017 - 5:50 till 21:00
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Longest Day Double - Sunrise and Sunset (Summer Solstice, AU) | Melbourne, Australia | Friday, 22. December 2017

Earn the 'Longest Day' Smashrun badge ! On the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, you'll need to run at both sunrise and sunset. For EACH run you'll need to START BEFORE the sun rises/sets and FINISH AFTER.

The next Summer Solstice occurs on 22/12/17.

Sunrise : 5:54 AM
Sunset : 8:42 PM
  • And yep, I have shared this virtual event to a whole bunch of groups....Westerfoldians, DCRs, LTRs, DTRs, YTRs, MCRs....as you are all awesomes and I like the idea of dragging as many of you as I can into an Xmas week free fun run with me ;-) Please do share this onto the TXRs, SCTRs, RMAs, Running in the Burb'ers, and any/all other groups who love running and long sunshine filled days !
  • Interesting idea . What happens if you are in Antarctica and south of the Antartic circle . The sun won't rise or set on the solstice!
  • So running for 15 hours straight will work ? Before sunrise and after sunset ! 😬
  • I had so much fun getting the 'Shortest Day' Smashrun badge during the Winter Solstice today (http://smashrun.com/barney.henry/badges/3/220), I am already lining up for Dec 22nd ! #JoinMeOnSMASHRUN