28. December 2017 - 20:00
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Lovision, Lalic and Hnymlk | The Spotted Mallard | Thursday, 28. December 2017

Scarlett Vogue Productions and The Spotted Mallard Present:
LoVision, Lalić and Hnymlk.

LoVision is the sound of fragile humanity as it is propelled forwards exponentially into the future. It is a heiroglyph for the ongoing merger of the organic with the artificial, of love & chrome, of the blurred & blurring lines between worlds that once seemed so divided.

Working with elements of jazz, drone, noise, trip-hop, post-punk, industrial & soundtrack music, they refuse to paint this ongoing process as being specifically u- or dys-topian. Instead they focus on the honest expression of the varied & often contradictory emotions to which it has given rise; hope & despair, freedom & paranoia, progress & nothingness, purpose & purposelessness, knowledge & ignorance, the needs of our humanity channelled both through futility & through strength in this disassociated
world of evolving machines.

Experimentatal sonic hedonistism

As long as there’s been space and time there’s always been a place to hide in sound waves cross the desert floor in your mind and through the door through the darkness in the field where everything is crystal clear the shadow of your past stands still because you lost the right to feel we’re all young and oh so high but one by one we’ll fall from the sky raining madness and deceit desperate for our lifes last heat searching for that state of mind but what we are is all we’ll find day by day we grow less sane pulsing madness through our veins pick the fruits grown through our past and hope that time repairs them fast under oceans of past years swimming through our greatest fears.

Melbourne based creative artist Hnymlk is a mesmerising multifaceted megababe! A mysterious character, She is known best for creating live etheral, experimental, ambient, Lounge and jazz vocal loop soundscapes, Kicking off dancefloors with a mix of sophisticated and sassy tunes.

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