31. December 2017 - 5:00
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Melbourne Central Movie Club | Melbourne Central | Sunday, 31. December 2017


Melbourne Central Movie Club is all about sharing our love of movies, discussing the latest films and—best of all—having the opportunity to attend free preview screenings of the most exciting upcoming cinema releases at Hoyts Melbourne Central!

To join the club, simply click 'join' on this Facebook event.

Throughout the year we'll be announcing special Movie Club preview screenings below. Join the event to make sure you get a notification each time—and the chance to win a double pass!


After you join this event, you’ll automatically receive Facebook notifications each time we announce a new preview screening at HOYTS Melbourne Central. (We host a handful of screenings each year, so don’t worry: we won’t be spamming you!)

When we announce each new screening, we’ll direct you to a form on our website where you can enter for the chance to win a double pass. Successful entrants will be emailed with directions for collecting their passes. If you don’t win one, never fear: you’ll have another chance to enter when we announce the next screening!

If you head along to one of our preview screenings at HOYTS, we’d love to know what you thought of the movie. Post in the event, tweet @melbcentral or tag @melbournecentral on Instagram to tell us what you loved about it. Make sure to use the hashtags #MelbourneCentral #MovieClub to enter the draw to win a $100 Gift Card to spend on your next visit to Melbourne Central. That’s right: after winning free movie tickets you might also be in with a chance to win a mini shopping spree!

Welcome to the club!
  • This is not a club and it is certainly not about discussing films. Nor is it really about seeing free movies since you'll labour for Hoyts when you write what you loved about the film (which presumes you loved it rather than that you critically thought about it). It is about marketing and promotion rather than building an actual film club.
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  • Hey just wondering if you could do it for next Saturday the 23rd of September
  • Melbourne central I am never shopping at your centre again. You are appallingly supporting puppy farming by allowing the sale of puppies in your pet store. Furthermore you're blocking access to write on your wall . It's obvious you cannot deal with the fallout and would rather sweep the problem under the rug. Close down the store once and for all!!
  • Shame on all at Melbourne Central for allowing a pet store to have puppies kept in a cage since December 2016. Its an absolute disgrace that everyone involved at Melbourne Central can walk past those gorgeous puppies day in, day out and not do anything to help DON'T SHOP AT MELBOURNE CENTRAL AS THEY SUPPORT ANIMAL CRUELTY!
  • Am absolutely disgusted that your organisation supports puppy farming and animal cruelty. I'll be reporting the centre, and the pet store, to the relevant authorities in the morning - along with quite a number of other people by the looks of it! Don't you manage your tenants properly or abide by any ethical standards at all? Disgraceful!
  • When you next go to the movies-please pop-in at the pet shop. Ask about the dogs in the window-how long they have been there-where did they come from-do they ever help animals by assisting with adoptions of rescue animals. I hear the shop might need a kick up the ****....
  • 4.9k going, how r u all gonna fit
  • It’s the final countdown! Later today, we’re drawing the names of the 50 lucky Movie Club members who’ve each won a double pass to Monday’s preview screening. For the chance to see The Family Fang before anyone else, make sure you get your entry in this morning: http://goo.gl/7lAiBb
  • We’ve got 50 double passes to give away to next week’s preview screening of The Family Fang. Will one of them be yours? Entries close on Friday—get yours in now to be in the running! http://goo.gl/7lAiBb
  • OUR NEXT GIVEAWAY HAS ARRIVED, and it’s a great one! In The Family Fang, Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman play adult siblings still dealing with the antics of their eccentric parents (played by Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett). We’ve got 50 double passes to give away exclusively to members of Melbourne Central Movie Club—that means you! Enter here to go into the draw: http://goo.gl/7lAiBb
  • #MelbourneCentralmovieclub, you have too many spammers on this page. I like you guys, but I'm officially unliking your page.