24. June 2020 - 9:30 till 16:30
Deakin Downtown, Melbourne
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OCPH Communication training for trainers: ALOBA 'Facilitating role plays' | Wednesday, 24. June 2020

One-Day Workshop for Trainers: Facilitating Role Plays

Practical skills for facilitating the dynamic experiential learning of role plays using the Agenda-Led Outcome-Based Analysis (ALOBA) methodology. 

ALOBA is a widely accepted model used for small group training for communication in healthcare. The workshop 'Facilitating Role Plays' focuses on skills needed to facilitate effective role plays, including managing 'timeouts' (to break for discussion and reflection), target learner observation (analysis of learner patterns), and role play 'skill spotting'. 

The facilitation of role plays in the ALOBA model is the pivotal opportunity for behavioural change in healthcare communication. 

This is a 'Train the Trainer' workshop to develop facilitation skills and confidence. It is recommended that participants have already undertaken the 2-day OCPH training to become faculty facilitators (or equivalent). Familiarity with ALOBA essential (completion of the One-Day Workshop 'Setting up for Success' is also advantageous). The workshop is limited to 15 participants, with experiential small group work to ensure high quality experiential learning exercises. 

This One-Day Workshop will provide participants with in depth understanding of facilitating role plays using ALOBA, along with a range of strategies for practical implementation. Participants will have the opportunity to apply learning in real case scenarios and be guided in each exercise by experts in healthcare communication education.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Apply the ALOBA model to real case scenarios with simulated small groups and leave with a range of strategies to improve facilitation of role plays

Gain skills that increase the effectiveness of role play facilitation and managing the dynamic process of experiential learning that is directed towards achieving the learner’s goal(s)

Gain practical skills to promote learner reflection after role play, to effectively introduce feedback and rehearsal of new skills, and management of new skills for behaviour change.

Workshop facilitators: Prof Peter Martin and Ms Meg Chiswell

20% discount if you have registered for the One-Day Workshop 'Setting up for Success' and/or the One-Day Workshop 'Maximising Feedback'.