22. April 2020 - 8:30 till 16:30
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Personal Resilience Training | | Wednesday, 22. April 2020

The Personal Resilience Program is a one-day workshop for anyone working in a fast paced and often reactive environment. Attendees will learn strategies to help build and maintain their own personal resilience as well as opportunities to build relationships and support the people around them.
Resilience isn’t something we’re born with, we build it from a young age as we experience and overcome challenging and undesirable situations. Throughout life we continue to experience adversity and it is our level of resilience that determines how quickly we bounce back and persist through discomfort.
This program is ideal if you are:

Working in a fast paced and continually changing environment
Required to improve performance year on year
Experiencing overwhelm with your workload and worry about failing
Feeling stressed, anxious, rundown, frustrated or any negative emotion that persists longer than you would expect

 The day will be based around the model below:


You will leave the day with:

Greater awareness of resilience and the role it plays in a healthy workplace
Strategies to start building/maintaining your own personal resilience
Heightened awareness of yourself and others
A toolkit of resources to access when resilience levels are dipping