03. March 2018 - 19:30 till 22:30
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Queen + Adam Lambert | Rod Laver Arena | Saturday, 03. March 2018

  • Selling 2X reserved seats Saturday the 3rd $400
  • Does anyone sell 7 tickets for Saturday 3rd? Or Friday 2nd? :-)
  • I have one ticket for Friday 2nd and need to sell or swap for the Saturday 3rd, any one can help???
  • Anyone selling two seated tickets for the Saturday ?
  • I have two tickets for Saturday the 3rd of march. Is there anyone that would like to swap two Friday tickets for my Saturday?
  • I have 2 x floor tickets for sale in section E (right in front of the stage). Row L. Electronic tickets. $480 (paid $920) - i can no longer attend as will be overseas unfortunately
  • 2x floor tickets for sale. Row JJ $500 for both plus postage.
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  • I have 2 tickets in Section E (floor), row L. Paid $455 each. Can no longer attend as have to go overseas for work. Happy to sell for a bit cheaper. Let me know if interested.
  • Anyone selling x3 tickets for $200 each or less?