24. May 2020 - 19:00
RSL Victoria, Melbourne
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RSL Active Presents: Veterans Virtual Trek | Sunday, 24. May 2020

RSL Active welcomes you to join us on a virtual hike through one of Victoria’s many hiking trails. We are blessed in this State to have some of the most scenic and challenging hikes in Australia. Each week we will showcase some of these trails and once the lockdown has been lifted, it may inspire you to experience these hikes for real.

How does it work?

Through your regular daily exercise, whether it be a walk/jog around the park, stroll to the shops or taking the dog out for a walk, record how far you have covered for that day.

This can be done by several means:

• Use an app such as Strava, Endomondo etc

• Fitbit

• Step Counter. With this device it is easy to convert your steps into km’s using a basic online ‘step to km’ converter.

• Measure it using Google Maps

• Guestimate

We also encourage you to send in a photo of your daily walk/run and we will put them on our Facebook page.

At the end of each day email your total distance to email (these have to be in by 7pm)

We will then plot your progress along the trail until you have either completed the hike or it finishes each Friday at 7pm.

At any time, you can log on to the RSL Victoria Facebook page and see how you are progressing as indicated on the route map.

You can trek solo, as a team or challenge your family and friends to a race.

To participate in the online trek please contact email and state your full name. You can select your name to be displayed on the map or come up with your own unique identifier.

The first trek will begin on Monday 4 May, please follow RSL Active on the RSL Victoria Facebook page for details.

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