11. August 2020 - 9:00
Saxons Training Facilities, Melbourne
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SIDRA INTERMEDIATE Two-Day Workshop // Melbourne [TE067] | Tuesday, 11. August 2020

The INTERMEDIATE Workshop is offered for people who have a moderate level of familiarity with SIDRA INTERSECTION, or people who will register for the BEGINNER Workshop at the same time. 

Workshop Information

Date & Time

Day 1: Tuesday, 11 August 2020, 8.30 am - 5.00 pm AESTDay 2: Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 8.30 am - 4.30 pm AEST

IntroductionThis two-day workshop will focus on effective application of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software to intersection and network analysis problems covering intermediate aspects of the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION, including a good level of output interpretation. The INTERMEDIATE Workshop aims to achieve a fairly high level of use of SIDRA INTERSECTION.

The workshop combines hands-on sessions and instructions to teach participants how to effectively use SIDRA INTERSECTION, and how to apply and interpret results from the model to solve intersection and network problems at an intermediate level.

The latest SIDRA INTERSECTION Version 9 will be used in this workshop. The workshop is set with examples based on the SIDRA Standard Left-Hand software setup with metric units.


Other Details

Class size varies approximately between 12 and 30 delegates.Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.Dress code is casual.

Please Bring With You

Please bring a USB key with you to copy the SIDRA INTERSECTION project files created during the workshop.

Ticket Fee

The ticket fee displayed on Eventbrite is per person. A discounted fee applies to Early Bird tickets. These are available only for a limited time and limited allocation. All prices are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST.The ticket fee covers costs of providing hands-on computer use, workshop notes, morning and afternoon teas as well as lunch.


Information about the registration process and ticket purchase:

The quickest way to secure your seat is to register and pay online via the Eventbrite website.

You can also pay for and register other delegates during the shopping cart process.

Tickets are available right up until the date listed on Eventbrite or until they run out.

Upon completion of the process, the registration details will be sent to the email address you provided.

If you register other delegates, they will be emailed with their ticket and event details.

Registration required for each workshop

Separate registration is required for different SIDRA workshops. For instance, if you would like to attend both the INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED workshops, you are required to register for these two workshops separately via Eventbrite.

A full listing of all available workshops is available on our website: sidrasolutions.com/training

Cancellation Policy

Tickets fees are non-refundable. Another delegate may be substituted for the same workshop free of charge. Transfer between workshops is not allowed unless another delegate is substituted and there is a position available in the required workshop.

Please contact us about delegate substitution in advance using the details given below for Enquiries.


A fairly good level of knowledge of the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION, or attendance at a previous SIDRA INTERSECTION BEGINNER Workshop, or registering for the BEGINNER Workshop at the same time.

Familiarity with traffic engineering methods and terminology, and basic knowledge of intersection and network evaluation concepts.

A good understanding of traffic operations at intersections is essential for the effective use of traffic models for intersection and network design and evaluation purposes. Attending the MODEL FUNDAMENTALS Workshop is recommended for developing an improved understanding of the use of SIDRA INTERSECTION for traffic modelling.

Workshop Objectives

Upon completion of the INTERMEDIATE Workshop, participants will:

gain an improved knowledge of the capabilities of the latest SIDRA INTERSECTION version and the types of problems it can solve;

gain improved knowledge of the SIDRA INTERSECTION user interface, input dialogs, output reports and displays, templates, defaults and options;

gain improved knowledge of the lane-based traffic model used in SIDRA INTERSECTION for intersection and network modelling;

gain a good understanding of signal timing methods for Sites, Networks and Common Control Groups;

learn about modelling signal coordination effects and lane-based second-by-second platoon patterns including lane changes and platoon dispersion;

learn about the program-determined Extra Bunching values for roundabouts and two-way sign controlled intersections with upstream signalised intersections;

gain a knowledge of modelling pedestrians at signals;

be able to use various SIDRA INTERSECTION facilities effectively, including the use of Movement Classes, and Design Life and Sensitivity analyses for Sites and Networks; and

gain a good general understanding of SIDRA INTERSECTION output including the capacity, performance estimation, timing analysis and network analysis methods used in SIDRA INTERSECTION.


This two-day INTERMEDIATE Workshop provides an interactive learning opportunity with hands-on computer experience, working together with instructors through many examples.

The SIDRA INTERSECTION workshops are not just about intersection and network analysis, but aim to improve general understanding of operational analysis of all traffic facilities. It is important to learn about model calibration as an important element of realistic modelling of traffic facilities.

The INTERMEDIATE Workshop will cover all types of intersections including traffic signals (35 %), roundabouts (25 %), and sign-controlled (stop and give-way) intersections (15 %), and a fairly good amount of network analysis (25%) at an intermediate level. Percentages indicate the approximate proportion of time intended to be allocated to each subject area.

Target Audience

The target audience for the INTERMEDIATE Workshop includes Traffic Engineers and Planners involved in the analysis of intersections and networks for design, operations, planning and traffic impact assessment purposes.

SIDRA INTERSECTION training workshops provide an excellent opportunity for networking by meeting your colleagues who are working in areas related to your work.



Dr Rahmi Akçelik is a leading scientist and software developer with 40 years of practical, research and training experience in the area of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control. He is Director of Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd (trading as SIDRA SOLUTIONS). He has more than 300 technical publications in his area of expertise. He is the author of the SIDRA INTERSECTION and SIDRA TRIP software packages. Rahmi served as member of various US Transportation Research Board Committees. He has trained several thousand professionals in over 300 workshops, courses and seminars.

Awards received by Rahmi include the 2014 Roads Australia Award for Technical Excellence in recognition of the exceptional achievement of an individual in a technical or scientific area relevant to transport, the 2008 ITE ANZ Contribution to the Transportation Profession Award, the 1999 Clunies Ross National Science and Technology Award for outstanding contribution to the application of science and technology, and the 1986 ITE US Transportation Energy Conservation Award.


Mark Besley is a scientist and software specialist who has worked in the traffic management area since 1980s. He has been making a significant contribution to the development of the SIDRA INTERSECTION software in collaboration with Dr Rahmi Akçelik during the last 30+ years. He has trained several thousand professionals in over 300 workshops, courses and seminars.

Mark has been involved in many aspects of research on traffic operations including traffic network models, incident detection, fuel consumption estimation, traffic data collection and analysis.


Dr Ian Espada joined Akcelik and Associates in November 2019 as a Senior Traffic Modeller / Analyst. Ian has more than 18 years of work experience in the role of researcher, transport/traffic planner, transport survey specialist, transport demand modeler, and transport economist. He had an 11-year career at the Australian Road Research Board where he was the team leader of the Network Operations Team under the Future Transport Systems Working Group. Ian worked for 7 years as a transport planner / modeller for ALMEC Corporation, Japan. He was also a sessional lecturer on transport demand modelling at Swinburne University for 10 years.

Ian has a Ph.D. degree in transportation engineering and planning from the University of Tokyo and an M.Eng. degree in transportation planning and traffic engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. Ian was the Australian representative to the World Road Association technical committee on road network operations from 2016 to 2019.


For all enquiries: Email Us Or call our office during working hours Monday to Friday9.00 am to 5.00 pmAustralian Eastern Time (AET)+61 3 9830 7123

General Information about SIDRA Training Workshops

The SIDRA INTERSECTION software is an advanced micro-analytical traffic evaluation tool that employs lane-by-lane and vehicle path models. It is for use as an aid for design and evaluation of individual intersections and networks of intersections. It can be used to analyse signalised intersections, roundabouts (unsignalised, with metering signals, and fully-signalised), two-way stop sign and give-way / yield sign control, all-way stop sign control, signalised and unsignalised pedestrian crossings, single point interchanges (signalised), freeway diamond interchanges (signalised, roundabout, sign control), diverging diamond interchanges and other alternative intersections and interchanges.

SIDRA INTERSECTION training workshops will help you enjoy the power of analysis to find solutions to intersection and network problems.

During 2000-2019, Akcelik and Associates and its accredited representatives ran 370 training workshops across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil and many countries in Europe and Middle East with about 7,000 delegates attending. In evaluation of these training workshops, the trainees rated various aspects of the workshops and the SIDRA INTERSECTION software very highly.

A full listing of all available workshops is available on our website: sidrasolutions.com/training

Read the About Workshops page for more general information. 

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