23. October 2017 - 18:15
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Term 4 Hula Hoop Classes in St Kilda, Brunswick, Northcote | Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks | Monday, 23. October 2017


Our weekly hula hoop classes are back, time to move your body and get it to class! Starting next week, come join us and learn to spin that hoop, learn some new tricks, meet other fun people and let's dance! Fun and supportive environment, everyone is welcome.
We've got classes for all levels, including complete beginners. Come have some fun learning a new skill, it's the best fitness class on the planet!
For our final week of the term we learn to spin a fire hoop. Woahhhh!!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity, it happens in term 4 only.
  • 34 degrees in Melbourne tomorrow! So we're moving our St Kilda class to the beach. Swimming and sunning from 6:30pm, hoop class is 7-8:30pm. We've got some space available in the class so if you want in, call to book your spot: 0435236316.
  • Enough hoops? Almost! ;) Come join us in St Kilda tonight. 2 spots left in tonight's class. Call 0435236316 to book your booty in!
  • Still some space in our St Kilda class tonight. Come along! 7-8:30pm at the Betty Day Community Centre
  • Let's go St Kilda! Our other classes for beginners to more experienced are all FULL. If St Kilda is your hood then you're in luck because we've got space for you in our Wednesday night class. Get started with us this week. $175 for the next 7 weeks or get in touch if you want to try a casual class for $30. Concession price available. Head here to book: http://hoopsthighsbuttocks.com/events/
  • We've got so many students booked into our Northcote classes, I need this guy to bring all the hoops for me on his bike! Tonight's class is FULL! Brunswick beginner class on Monday is FULL! Still some space in St Kilda classes on Wednesdays and Brunswick intermediate classes on Mondays so go ahead and book yourself in and start from next week. $175 for the next 7 weeks for both of those classes. If you miss out, the next term won't start until February and you'll be very sad :(
  • Grab your hoop (Or ALL the hoops!) and let's GO!! Classes start tonight in Brunswick. The beginner class is FULL! Get in touch to hoop with us on Wednesday in St Kilda or Thursday in Northcote
  • Good morning! Classes start this week. That's from tomorrow!! Head here to book: http://hoopsthighsbuttocks.com
  • Just 2 days until we start in Brunswick!! There's 1 spot left in our beginner class and a couple of spots in the intermediate. 2 spaces in Northcote on Thursdays. If you're a south-sider then the Wednesday St Kilda class is for you. Head to our website now to book your booty in!
  • Want to learn how to fire hoop? Our term 4 classes finish with you learning how to spin a fire hoop. Woah! You'll have 7 weeks of *****-learning and hoop dancing to build up to it. You can look like this too!
  • Really want to come and try and class and see if my back holds up. If you not full at Northcote let me know and I will take night off work and try and couple of classes, then hopefully can do a term next year. 😘
  • Oh heyyyy everyone! I'm almost back in Melbourne after a 4-month teaching/ performing tour of the WORLD!! I'm super excited to get my *** back to class so I can teach all of Melbourne the rad new tricks I've learned along the way. There's just a couple of spots left in each class so jump on it! Here I am pumping up the jam onstage at the German Hoop Convention.