20. August 2019 - 19:00
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XERO Advisor Certification Training | Seed Training Group | Tuesday, 20. August 2019

Are you a graduate with a degree in Accounting or Finance? You have an impressive transcript, you’ve got a great work ethic and feel ready to start your new career? You have been applying for jobs and not getting an interview? How can you change this cycle and show employers that you have the skills they need?
Let’s **** it, accounting entry-level jobs are in high demand. There are so many applicants and it can be hard to get an interview. You keep applying for jobs and getting no response. What are you going to do differently to stand out?
How can you stand out among others to get the job you want?
Becoming a certified Xero Advisor will differentiate you among other candidates by increasing your credibility and software proficiency.
How can you get the Xero Advisor Certificate?
Xero Advisor Certificate assessment can only be accessed via Xero Education Partners such as Seed Training Group.
Seed Training Group provides the assessment access after successfully completing the 2-day Xero Training.
2-day Xero Training includes:

Setting Up A Company
Chart of Accounts
Bank Fees and Bank Rules
Transfer Funds
Managing Contacts
Processing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
Recording Deposit on Sales
Recording Credit Notes and Over-payments
Processing Payroll – PAYG Withholding and PAYG Installments
Recording Employer Contributions and Deductions in Payroll
Setting Up Inventory Items
Inventory Adjustments for Month-end via General Journal
Bank Reconciliation
BAS / GST Return Lodgement
Generating Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

After completing the 2-day training, you will have a comprehensive Xero accounting software knowledge and will be eligible to get Xero Advisor Certificate.
Our consultants will be available during your job search even after you complete the training and get the certification in your resume.
Leave your contact details and one of our career consultants will call you to arrange the best time for your training.