11. May 2018 - 18:00
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GoatTram! QLD vs VIC Punk and Rock at Snookerworld! | Snooker World | Friday, 11. May 2018

A REALLY big night of QLD vs VIC punk and rock as Coen Gettfarked the Punk Koala takes over Snookerworld to bring you sonic awesomeness:

Friends with the Enemy: Fast melodic punk from the Goldies own Triple J Unearthed heroes. These guys need no introduction and have not only played Soundwave but supported the likes of Guttermouth on their Australian Tour, and Lagwagon in Vegas (the real Las Vegas that is, not that little one up the freeway)

I Have A Goat - Melbourne Streetpunk who play in sluggoes. Awesome! Much fun and moshing and enjoyment of beer to be had. Check out their new vid!

Australian Kingswood Factory - Melbourne produces some of Australias best rock (next to the Goldie that is) and these guys have been high on my list for a while. They've got a new EP they'll have for you to get in early for Christmas with.

Goatzilla: Atomic Mutant Goatpunk. Loud. Fast. Rock. to have an EP out REAL soon! WIll post a link once they get their act

Cactus Dildos: Dildos, Drag and demented rhythms. A bit of Ska, a bit of Punk, a few oversized *** be banned by all right thinking people. However none of us are right thinking and we love it.

Secondhand Toothbrush: The 'brush return to the Goldie from Ippy, bristly and yellow and smelling of bad breath and will rock your socks right out of your undies. Punk Rock at its worst!

Monster Fodder: Big Motorherad-infused ROCK from the Gold Coast's answer to Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. Stu, Adz and Drew will have their EP out and you can add it to your collection.