20. January 2018 - 19:00
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2nd Show On Sale Now Skegss - No Future Tour - Gold Coast | Miami Shark Bar | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Second show on sale now!!

Heading off on a regional tour in December & January. Goldy show.
  • 20 left then that’s all thanks heaps ya ******* legends!!!
  • X2 tickets for sale for the Saturday show going to go to Sunday one instead. PM me if keen 🤘🎸
  • Anyone selling a ticket for the 20th pleaseee?$$$
  • Anyone selling a ticket for the 20th pleaseee?$$$
  • Chasing 2 tickets for the 20th ❗️‼️
  • Anyone selling a ticket for the 20th?
  • Chasing one ticket for the 20th, any legends out there that can help me out?
  • Oi 90 tickets left for the Sunday show. Saturday show is SOLD OUT. Cheers!!!!!
  • Chasing one ticket for 20th pls
  • Anyone selling tickets?
  • Are there any legends are selling a ticket or two?
  • Is anyone selling two tickets?!
  • I’ve got two tickets for sale ma dudes Pm for details
  • See ya on the weekend. Not many left under 100 tickets!
  • Will give one heart filled ciggerette to whoever gives me 2x tickets
  • Has anybody got 2 spare tickets for Saturday 20th at Miami Shark bar. PM if so, cheers 🤘🏼
  • looking for 2 saturday tickets 👀 pls
  • Chasing two tickets!! Message me if youre selling :)
  • Getting ready boys
  • will suck **** for a ticket
  • Tickets for the 20th?
  • Looking for one ticket Saturday 🤙🤙
  • Looking for 2x tickets Saturday 20th 🙏
  • Looking for a ticket on sat 20th cheers 🍻
  • Anyone got 4 tickets they want to get rid of?