12. October 2019 - 10:00 till 13:00
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Uncover Your Purpose (And Lead A Heart Based Life) | Madam Heap - Meditation Centre in Melbourne | Saturday, 12. October 2019

Your purpose is already within you.
 It’s not something that you have to create, rather it’s something you uncover.
Yet we all feel a little lost sometimes, and wonder where we are going with our lives and how to best realize our potential.
You may even know your path, but just have no idea of how to navigate it?
Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your work, or perhaps studied for years and then discovered it wasn’t your calling, or you could be a parent with children leaving the nest and a new journey awaits?
 And purpose is not only what you may perceive as a career, it’s how you connect, serve others, the way you are behind the scenes, and the way you evolve over different periods of your life.  
 How do you want to show up in the world?
In this 3 hour practical workshop with Sacha Stewart, Meditation Teacher, Kinesiologist & Mind Body Medicine Practitioner:

Tap into what is holding you back, your blocks, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, in order to begin to release them. 

Where are you leaking energy?  Work out what you don’t want, so you can discover what you do want?

 How to create inner power and stability within, so that you can take the leap.

 Look into your values and what you want your legacy in life to be.  

Following your bliss and your heart.

 You don’t have to wait!  How to take that first step.

Through the power of meditation, written exercises, energetic ritual and gentle movement you connect to your inner wisdom and potential.
This is your opportunity to bring that inner light forwards, as the world needs the gifts within you.