13. September 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Motov8ing Boys - Mildura | Quality Hotel Mildura Grand | Friday, 13. September 2019

Motivating Boys is an event for boys aged 11-17 and their parents.
Do you worry about your son’s behaviour or attitude; or maybe he needs help building his confidence?
Does your son struggle to care about or see his potential?
Or maybe you're tired of repeating yourself over and over again only to get the same result, or even worse get no response at all?
One of the biggest deficits seen in young people today is a lack of social & emotional intelligence. Unfortunately this often leads to various problems at home, at school and with friends both on & off line.
If you can relate to some or maybe even all of these then the Motivating Boys event is for you and it's time you met John McMahon.
Who is John McMahon from Motov8?
John is a youth specialist with over 26 years experience working with young people in schools, sporting clubs & families across South East Victoria. Through the "Ride of Life" & Raging Bull seminars, delivered in schools, John has helped influence thousands of young people to make smarter more informed decisions.
Whilst the cliché statement "Boys will be boys" is a often used to explain why boys do silly things, as a personal coach/mentor and parent himself, John would rather see this statement reflect a different sentiment. John and his company, Motov8, aim to inspire boys to choose to become awesome young men rather than just accept what others say they will be.  
Why This Event - Why Motov8ting Boys?
Motov8ting Boys' is an event for Pre-teen and Teenage Boys aged 11-17 and their parents; to assist them to understand the power of positive attitude, develop confidence, change destructive behaviour, Identify personal potential & understand the importance of self respect & respecting others. 
As parents it is our role to guide and advise our sons but it's this same reason they don't want to listen. Sometimes the same message communicated in a different way, and by a different person, is all that's needed to start to turn things around.
So after talking with school principals, community leaders & parents John decided to develop and host an event that addresses this exact concern.... and deliver it in a way that parents won't have to drag their boys kicking & screaming.
This event gives parents the opportunity to expose their sons to advice about life in terms of when the 'rubber hits the road'. John engages boys and young males through the use of motorcycles and utilities his years of rider experience to help them to navigate through the bumps in the road.
There will be a room full of some very cool motorcycles (Including a custom Harley Breakout, Aprilia Rsv4 race bike, KTM 300 & KTM 450) awesome video footage from both dirt & road racing.
What parents are saying about this event.
Claire Kelly A friend suggested it and I just had that immediate gut feeling, that we had to take our boys. So, with real effort we dragged 3 tired boys out, not really knowing what to expect. It was great! When we got in the car afterwards, one of them said: "Now that was surprisingly good, I actually really enjoyed it"; and the other 2 agreed. Win! Thank you Rev! We will def be interested in further workshops.
Seona Maybery My boy really didn't want to go to the workshop. I dragged him there with the attitude that it was going to be boring and so on. He couldn't believe that we would have to sit there for 2.5hrs but at the end of it he couldn't believe how quickly the time went. The comment was also "that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be". A win win situation for me and I really think he'll get something out of it. I know that I learnt some things myself. Thanks for teaching us some great strategies to help with the anger. So so much to take away from this workshop. 
So turn off the TV, Xbox or PS4 and bring your boys out to a night of inspiration, motivation mixed with some good advice that could just change your and their lives forever.