14. September 2019 - 9:30 till 11:30
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Raging Bull - Mildura | Quality Hotel Mildura Grand | Saturday, 14. September 2019

Mum & Dad do you have a son who has issues with anger?
Are you struggling to deal with the outbursts & the outcomes?
Are you starting to see changes in his attitude & mood that have your worried?
If so this event might be exactly what you're looking for. Raging Bull is a workshop for parents & boys 11-17 who are regularly dealing with issues around anger both in the home & at school.  It's also for parents who just want to get on the front foot in relation their sons behaviour.
Raging Bull breaks down anger in a way that both parents & their children can understand & own.
Yes that's right we do this with both you & your son in the same room.
I wrote this program over 6 years ago & have delivered it in primary & secondary schools across the Vic/Tas with great results.  As you can imagine anger is a pretty sensitive issue & isn't always easy to talk about.  But it needs to be addressed as every second parent I talk to brings it up as significant problem in their house.
Testimonial by Montello Primary School Principal Denise Wotherspoon http://motov8.com.au/principal-testimonial/
Testimonial by Kigston High School Principal Angela Bird after a recent Motov8 visit. https://youtu.be/OihIHGJEVJo
I never knew that there was a real connection between my thoughts and my actions before now - Josh Yr 7 Kambrya College
I liked how it showed me ways to embrace & redirect my negative emotions Callum Yr 9 Fountain Gate Secondary College
Raging Bull tackles the hard stuff, both parents and boys need to hear this information - Kieran Gr 6 Teacher Launceston College
Parents could do with this just as much as their boys - Principal Doxa College
As a parent of 2 teenage boys I know first hand how hard it is to parent past the negativity that anger brings into a home.  I also know that us parents can be part of the problem if we don't really know what's going on in our boy’s lives
Don't wait for things to get better; they will only change if you take action.
Raging Bull is pretty confronting & might not be for everyone but if you’re serious about addressing anger then this seminar tackles it head on.
Who is Raging Bull for?
-Parents who want to understand more about male anger
-Boys who recognise that they need to address this area in their life
-School teachers
-Youth workers
Please bring you boys along but make sure that they understand this workshop is not a punishment & that they're not coming because they're in trouble, They will learn more about anger & their own abilty to own & redirect it than ever before.

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