04. July 2020 - 17:30 till 20:30
Thrive for Life, Mona Vale
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8 week post COVID shred | Saturday, 04. July 2020


We're starting Saturday 4th July, it's open to absolutely anyone who wants to shed those COVID kilos and kick off the second half of 2020.

Free Evolt scans for all participants, one to start, one at the end to measure your results, and then one progress scan at the time of your choice.

Every week you'll get:

- Recipe ideas

- Training tips and tricks

- Weekly focus

- Progress update to see where you're at

You're training is really up to you, but we would recommend attending as many group classes as you can to keep you motivated and on track — it is a competition after all! Let us know if you'd like any personal training sessions to help build and maintain a training program to set you up for success.

Oh yes, did we mention there is a prize?

That's right, one lucky winner with the best shred results will receive a $500 Thrive for Life Gift Voucher.

Remember we're always here for you if you need any help or advice — you've gotta be in it to win it, so sign up now!