14. August 2020 - 20:00 till 20:30
Mooloolaba, Queensland, Mooloolaba
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Sunshine Coast: Heads in the Sand ~ Mooloolaba Beach | Friday, 14. August 2020

As we **** the Climate Emergency, many around us have their heads in the sand.

Each day brings us more frightening news on the effects of climate change, but because the changes are gradual, there’s never a clear signal that it’s time to wake up, take our heads out of the sand – time to step up to stronger action.

Climate scientists have been warning us for decades that we **** a climate emergency, and that we are close to catastrophic tipping points. Our action to date has come nowhere near what is required to meet the challenge.

The declaration of a Climate Emergency can sound the warning bell to take our heads out of the sand NOW! This event is one in a series to call on the Sunshine Coast Council to Declare and Act on the Climate Emergency.

To highlight the futility of the heads in sand approach, we will gather with as many people as possible ~ all welcomed ~ on Mooloolaba Beach (more specific location details to come).

On the beach, we will dig a hole in the sand big enough to fit our heads in and still breath. At a coordinated time, everyone will simultaneously put their head in the sand for a given duration (1 min).

Videos and photos will be taken. In the background, Extinction Rebellion Banners are held including the call to Council to Declare and Act on the Climate Emergency.

Join us for this peaceful, fun, family friendly action. Bring a picnic to relax with your fellow rebels afterwards.

What to bring:

- small shovel to dig if not comfortable using hands

- small to medium sized towel to line hole for comfort/prevent breathing in sand

- snacks/water or picnic

- sunscreen/sunhat

Where to meet:

Mooloolaba Beach (details about the specific location on the beach to follow)

See you there Saturday May 9th at 10am for a 10:30am head burial. Bring your best XR t-shirts, badges, hats, paraphernalia. All welcomed!