31. May 2020 - 10:30 till 18:00
Pages Flat, Morphett Vale
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The Ascending Empath: Adelaide | Sunday, 31. May 2020

The Ascending Empath

Heal The Healer

The path of ascension, when you're an empath, can be a challenging one.

As we awaken deeper into knowing our true selves, and tap into our empathic nature even more, we can be bombarded by an overwhelming 'overload' of other people energy, emotions and heaviness.

For some, the shifts, changes and work, can be so overwhelming that you are unable to clear other people's energy quick enough.

You are unable to establish strong enough boundaries, or your boundaries become challenged.

And you don't have the practices in place to help you through this incredible, yet difficult process.

I have been there! Some days I still struggle with the 'overload'. But I have super strong practices and tools in place now that allow me to navigate this process with more ease and grace.

As an Empath, we forever need to be checking in and clearing our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, so we don't experience an energetic 'hangover' that can leave us completely depleted.


This one day energy immersion will allow you to learn more about your energy as an empath.


* establish practices for clearing

* establishing and reinforcing boundaries, for physical, emotional and soul level

* how to feel and connect to your energy and notice other peoples energy within you

* how to heal the healer

* developing greater trust with your intuition, so you can use it as your guide

This event will require an open mind. If this doesn't resonate, maybe it will at another time. I honestly believe that you will be guided to do this work, or not, depending on if you resonate with it, or resonate with me as the facilitator.

It will be a unique blend of energy work, practices, cacao, journalling and meditation.


Many people reject their empathic nature. I am here to help you embrace it, and use it to enrich your life.

This day will allow you the space, compassion and tools to begin to uncover these aspects of yourself. There will be a limited number of people at this event, so everyone feels safe to be vulnerable, and to allow for me to work with people on a deeper level.

My intuition and gifts are the greatest assets I have for both my life and my work. I want to help you tap in to your true nature, so you can deepen into your ascension.

It is an experience for the MIND, BODY and SOUL.

Everyone's experience will be different. It is about allowing yourself the space to just be present and have the experience unfold for you. It is about surrendering to the process, and allowing your heart to open. Surrender to the flow of the day will allow for deeper growth and transformation.


When: Sunday 31st May 2020

Time: 9.30am - 5pm

Investment: $249

Where: Adelaide- exact location to be advised


Please bring a Yoga Mat, Cushion, Water Bottle and Notepad and pen- These will be ESSENTIAL to the day

Where comfortable clothes (as we will be moving!!)

A blanket for the meditation if you get cold

A light lunch will be provided on the day...keeping things light will allow for deeper clearing, to receive the greatest impact from the CACAO

Refund Policy: Due to the preparation involved in the ceremonies, no refunds will be issued for this event. Transfer to another event will be permitted with 14 days notice.


About Courtney Wohling

I have been given a mission. A Souls Calling. To help bring people back to their homes, their soul.

For many years I had been wandering aimlessly. Detached from my soul, without even knowing it. So disconnected from myself, that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

As we grow older, many of us move further and further away from our true alignment, our souls calling on this earth, and we can’t even see it happening.

For many of us, it takes a life-threatening moment to wake us up. I had spent many years doing ‘healing’ and ‘spiritual’ work, but none of it brought me back to the real me. It wasn’t until my health scare that my healing became my number one priority, and it changed my life forever.

My healing led me to Cacao Ceremony training. It led me back to my Tantra teachings. It led me back to my intuitive gifts. And to an awakening.

My mission, my souls calling, my purpose all became clear.


(for my full bio, see my about page)