17. February 2018 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Latrobe Valley Maltese Festa | Kernot Hall | Saturday, 17. February 2018

The Latrobe Valley Maltese Festival celebrates the food and culture of Malta - it's a taste of the Mediterranean in Morwell! The day will be filled with Maltese entertainment, exhibitions and stalls.

Come and indulge in traditional Maltese food and drink, including the Festival's own specially produced wine. The crowds will be entertained throughout the day with live music both in and outside Kernot Hall.

The first Maltese Festa in 2016 attracted 4500 people - make sure you save the date, this one's going to be even bigger!
  • So looking forward to the Maltese Festa , wii be a great day with lots of family and friends meeting up ,children having fun .catching up with friends on the bus coming from Melbourne ,lots of Maltese food and drinks ,the atmosphere will be great so don’t miss out you won’t be disappointed.
  • So looking forward to it, make sure there's plenty of pastizzi, Whoo hoo
  • Can you please tell me if there will be Maltese food (especially gbejniet) to buy and take home? Or will it just be food to eat on the day?
  • Can you please tell me how far from Melbourne you are? Will be down from Sydney, for Leeds Rhinos vs Melbourne Storm game, Friday night. This Festa would be great to attend, if not too far away.
  • Sam Gillett
  • Matt!!!! It's this weekend!!!
  • Sue James
  • https://www.weekendnotes.com/latrobe-valley-maltese-festa/
  • Tara, we could go with babies?
  • Tara, we could go with babies?
  • Is it a Catholic Feast? If so which patron saint? Or maybe just cultural reminder of our foods and ways of cooking?
  • Looking firward to this event
  • Looking forward for a fun day. Especially getting to know your heritage.😊
  • Would love to know what time it starts and is there an admission fee please???
  • ❤️
  • Richard Falzon we should take the kids
  • Peter Briffa Gary Briffa Andrew Briffa Chantelle Scicluna
  • Kahlia Allen u going x
  • 3 days b4 my birthday.....why not?
  • I feel like this is something we could get behind!
  • I can't wait to bring the family and make a proper day of it. I haven't been to a festa since I was a teenager in Adelaide!!!
  • Week before my birthday awesome 😊🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹
  • Make it a family day Josie ?
  • EeeeeAyMa! Craig O'Brien you can stock up on pastizzi 😊 ... and heart attack timpana 😜
  • I hope 2go with 'amy' :-).