21. February 2019 - 10:00
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Uncovering Young Resilience | | Thursday, 21. February 2019

Gently guiding young people who are feeling like they are flawed, not enough, anxious or avoidant, towards understanding that they really are enough, and they already have everything they need inside of them.

Thursday 21st February
Friday 22nd February
Sunday 31st March

What will you get from the course?
Over three day-retreats, you will be:
Connecting with nature and falling back into a state of reflection and peace-of-mind in beautiful surroundingsLearning that you don't need fixing and you already are naturally confident, courageous and resilientExploring and changing the thoughts and beliefs that have been covering up your innate wellbeing until now.

The course creates space for insights and questions to arise, curious minds to wander; and opportunities for the you to gently connect with other like-minded young the transformative iHeart wellbeing curriculum (Innate Health Education And Resilience Training). As you develop your understanding of your own mind and the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You'll be seeing for yourself how change only ever happens from the inside-out, and feel a greater sense of hope, confidence and resilience.

How it works

Each day runs from 10:00am to 5:00pm at a farm in Mount Hawke
Maximum of six participants, aged 15-18
Snacks and drinks are provided
Please bring a notebook; packed lunch and drink; and weather appropriate clothing including wellies
You'll be offered a number of activities to engage with throughout, including: farm walks; time with animals; art and craft; silent time; meditation; or journaling, providing positive distractions when needed and balancing the body and mind before further explorations
You must commit to attending all three days.