09. December 2017 - 14:00
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Rite of Passage Bodywork & Shamanic Journey w/ 'Iolani Grace | Mullumbimby | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Rite of Passage Bodywork Training & Shamanic Journey
with 'Iolani Grace
Byron Shire

This magical and profound Intensive Training Journey brings great transformation with ‘Iolani Grace….
38 years Professional International experience as a healer, facilitator and teacher in Lomilomi Haloa- Rite of Passage Bodywork, Life Shift Healing, Trance Dance & Breath Journeys, Communication workshops and more.
'Iolani Grace is blessed and sanctified by Elders of Hawai'i, Native America & Australia.

~ Dive into Ancient Practices that empower You
~ Journey deep within and far beyond in Shamanic Breath & Movement
~ Learn Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom, Chants & Principles
~ Awaken and free your body temple in Shamanic Journey Yoga
~ Apply powerful and graceful ways to Heal aspects of Yourself & return home to You
~ Learn Shamanic Rite of Passage Bodywork
~ Increase your harmony, freedom and joy!
~ Connect with 'Ohana, family, laugh a lot and have an amazing time!
~Eat all organic, mostly vegan, gf, nourishing and vibrant food to align us with the energetics of the moment.

December 9-20th
Arrive at venue to relax and get ready in paradise on the 8th. Pack up, clean up and depart on the 21! Or stay longer at al low cost for our group!
2018 DATES:
12 Days of Journeying. 14 days in Paradise at the Retreat
March 21st- April 1st,

Mullumbimby, Byron Shire Hinterland, NSW, Australia

**Includes Rite of Passage Bodywork and Shamanic Training Journey, Retreat Centre with Pool in paradise and all Organic Food
***EARLY BIRD discounts apply!
Please contact Alana for application process, fees & more information- 0416 576 976

Are you ready to take a breath and cross the line into the Fuller Freer You? If yes then please contact us!

“We gathered together, not quite knowing what the Journey would bring. It turned into a Homecoming. A reconnecting. As the work we began to learn helped us set our masts and open to our magnificence, a beautiful reawakening occurred. For me there is no going back. ‘Iolani has lovingly and wisely led us out to the edge of our limitations, and I am on Holy Ground. "
~ Liz Abbott, Mother, Massachusetts

Blessings & Aloha,
Alana Siddle 0416 576 976

'Iolani Grace
0447 440 298

FB/Insta/Youtube: iolani grace
  • Ohana😻 Sending you all so much love and blessings on your journey! I Am breathing with you... Aloha Nui Loa 💕
  • A yummy video to prepare us all for our Journey this Saturday!!
  • Wow. I am amazed that our Journey is so near! We enter into this sacred Rite of Passage this Saturday, allowing spirit to weave it's magic, allowing each of us to settle deeper into our Beings. May the aloha of our Journey, and the blessings of ke akua, great creator, pour to each of you. May all life be blessed by each moment of transformation and discovery we receive. May this deep and profound journey be for ourselves and for all life.
  • Blessings beautiful 'Ohana! We are close to gathering together in paradise! There are a couple openings left if anyone feels the desire to journey with us in this magical shamanic ways please let us know so we can co-create a way for you to join us in this powerful, transformational journey and Lomilomi Haloa training. Oceans of aloha to you all! Aloha mai, iolani grace 💜
  • VIDEO here: I feel our journey calling us to deepen in Love of self, our earth and each other. I am in joyous anticipation to melt with you all! Love, 'Iolani Grace www.iolanigrace.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wyikOZ21OE
  • Another video of these magical journeys...
  • What if we really loved ourselves? Our work? Our lives? What if transformation was easy? Powerful? Fun? Uplifting? Magical!? The world is a place of infinite possibilities. You have the power to decide how you are, how you live, how you walk and dance in and with this world. These Journeys with Kumu 'Iolani offer a gateway to the power within you. To creating your greatest dreams into reality.
  • A video of some of the self empowering and transformational practices we will be immersing ourselves in in the upcoming Journey. We still have some spaces available for those feeling the call! Contact me on 0416 576 976
  • Is your life calling you to change? How would it feel to transform your life into your greatest dreams? To feel spacious, alive, rejuvenated..... These journeys are a Rite of Passage to manifest your greatest hearts desires! A journey of empowerment. A journey home to You.
  • A amazing video of a incredible ceremonial Lomilomi Hāloa session from our last Journey w/ 'Iolani Grace! https://www.facebook.com/lomilomialana/posts/770262176509565
  • Below is a link to 'Iolani's YouTube videos. You will receive a awesome transmission on the space she holds and facilitates!
  • A transmission of the incredible Rite of Passage Bodywork, Lomilomi Hāloa, that we will be learning during our Journey Video:
  • Our juicy journey is so near!!
  • Just felt to share these beautifully captured videos of a trance dance & breath journey with 'Iolani Grace. Sometimes 'Iolani weaves elements of this type of journey into the Rite of Passage Bodywork & Shamanic Journeys! www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOTAvG5EcBY Himesh Chhima Tessa Ashworth Leanne Greenwild Kristy Jane
  • The mana is building for our journey together. We have an incredible retreat space in paradise for your Rite of Passage Bodywork Training Journey in Lomilomi Hāloa! Come! Discover. Remember. Love and be loved!
  • Our journey is near! Imagine living a life of your greatest dreams! Of loving awaking every day! All of this is possible through this Rite of Passage home to you.
  • These journeys are a way of life. Bringing presence and love into every moment. Feeling the connection of everything and with everything. This morning, my garden called me to its attention. As I removed all of the dead leaves and planted new flowers, I felt how my garden pulled me to it this morning, and demanded my attention for love and care, so that my garden would support me and reflect me in the shifts and blossoming occurring in my Being.
  • Our bodies are our temples.... that house the divine consciousness that we each are. How are you treating your temple? With the sacredness and respect that it you whole Being so deserves? With honour and humbleness?
  • In our recent September journey, 'Iolani gave a transmission about one aspect of the transformational process. When something is releasing from our Being, it firstly leaves the physical body, then moves through the emotional body, and next through the mental body- but often once it reaches the mental body: the mind can commentate "oh not this again, I thought I already moved through this!" And with this non allowance, the mental body pushes what was going to be released back down - so it wasn't released. This can play out over and over and so yes- you are re-experiencing it and not fully releasing it. If we don't judge what's moving and just allow ourselves to feel and let go- this is the most graceful way to heal and love ourselves free.
  • A amazing and profound ceremonial session we just gave to our beautiful brother Eshua in our 12 day September journey we are currently in! A transmission of what is to come for those of you joining us in December!
  • We are feeling prompted to rent another home so a few more people can join for or December Journey! As there as so many of you feeling December is the perfect alignment! So we have a few more spaces now open for those feeling the call to join us on this powerful, life transforming, sacred Rite of Passage home to ourselves. There is also still a $100 discount running at this time!
  • The mana, energy, is building so strong for our December Journey that it is already booked out! We are now filling our March 21st to April 1st 2018 Journey. The blessings are high and transformation is big. If you feel the call and choose to respond, it will bless your life immensely. If you are feeling a really strong call to the 9-20th of December Journey- please let us know and we will place you on our waiting list!