19. September 2020 - 7:30 till 14:30
Feet First Dive, Nelson Bay
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40m Deep Double Boat Dive | Saturday, 19. September 2020

Are you 40m Deep Specialty CERTIFIED??

YES!! Join us on MV Siren to "Jump in Feet First" & explore our 40m depth contours via FFD's Deep Double #Boat Dives.

Need to GET 40m CERTIFIED??

YES!! Feet First Dive & SDI TDI ERDI Oceania offer educational courses for all types of diving. Topics from the SDI - Scuba Diving International DEEP (40m) Diver Course include:

- History of dive tables & #computers

- Equipment needed for a #deepdive

- Physics & physiology of #deepdiving

- Emergency procedures for deep diving & #firstaid

For BOOKINGS: please call Feet First Dive on 02 4984 2092 to speak with one of our friendly team members.