08. December 2017 - 17:00
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East Coast Rationalist Megameetup 2017 | New York, New York | Friday, 08. December 2017

This event is for informational purposes only. To attend, you must register at rationalistmegameetup.com. Register by October 30 to be sure of a spot!

As you might already know, the seventh annual Secular Solstice celebration is happening this year in New York City on December 9. This means we’ll have a whole bunch of people from the rationalist community all in town for the same weekend.

It’d be awesome if we could spend that weekend hanging out together, learning from each other and doing ingroup things. Since many of us will need a place to stay anyway, we can rent a big house on Airbnb together and use that as the central gathering place, like at Highgarden in 2014. This way we’ll have more flexibility to do things than if we all have to wander around looking for a public space.

Besides Solstice and the afterparty, the big activity will be an unconference on Saturday afternoon. We’ll also have a ritual lab, games, meals together, and whatever other activities you want to run! There'll also be plenty of room for unstructured socializing, of course.
  • There are two remaining overnight slots. Message me if you want to buy one.
  • Can anyone bring easel pads?
  • Hi! Is there an agenda / more info on the venue or the unconference? Would love to come by tonight/tomorrow/Sunday for a bit, but not sure when is the best time.
  • Hello everyone! I'll be coming to the meetup on Sunday at the end of a work trip, but I'll be staying in NY for a few days afterwards to explore. Is anyone else sticking around at e.g. an Airbnb with an extra bed? Alternatively, would anyone be willing to lend me a couch from the 10th to the 13th?
  • We've got a 9-bedroom house in Astoria, Queens! Thanks to everyone who registered during the initial period. For those who haven't, you can still register at rationalistmegameeup.com, first-come-first-served, until we run out of room.
  • Reminder for everyone who's said they're going that initial registration is about to close. (I'm just waiting to confirm the booking.)