08. December 2017 - 21:00
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Goruck Tough Challenge - New York, NY | New York, New York | Friday, 08. December 2017

10-12 hours. 15-20 miles.
The original Challenge. Average completion rate: 94%.

The hardest part is signing up.
Sign up now:

Force multiply.
Download a printable flyer here:
  • How many toys should we bring each?
  • Best team weight EVER! (Ok, it's just okay) 25lbs on the dot (No B.F. here!), can be carried by 1 to 4 people. Most importantly I get take this **** sleigh out of storage where it has been for the past the eight years.
  • Is everyone wrapping the presents, or would they be better on display?
  • Who’s bringing the flag?
  • Who has any of the following items: - a very long and strong rope - litter/ stretcher Also , whats the status of the team weight??
  • Our start point is Washington Square Park at 9pm. We will be meeting between the fountain and the arch. Also bring a large trash bag to protect your toy from the weather. Spread the word. See you all there.
  • So... For a team weight, I got one of these that I can add lead to to make it at least 25lbs. I don't think strapping toys to it is going to work, it's only 54 inches long, but who knows? Please advise.. PS: I ******* hate cold weather GR events!!
  • Happy Saturday Team. Does anyone have a stretcher or a litter?
  • Hey warriors!! This a really important event where we are aiming to bring happiness to kids who may not have the same opportunities we have. Wouldnt it be cool to make this happen with a proper GRT sled? Just sayin
  • Is the santa sled coming out for this event?
  • OK TEAM, we are 13 days out. ☺ Please make sure yall have what you need from the packing list, and if not tomorrow is Cyber Monday. I know this sounds obvious but you couldn’t imagine how many people at the last event decided not to have some of the required items on the packing list ….this made our welcome party extra fun. Please spread the word to anyone you know that is attending. What to bring - Ruck Weight in your rucksack/ backpack If you weigh >150 lbs = 30 lb. Ruck Plate/bricks/ or equivalent If you weigh < 150 lbs = 20 lb. Ruck Plate/bricks/ or equivalent - Hydration bladder - Reflective Bands (or equivalent) on your ruck - Headlamp WITH EXTRA BATTERIES....it will be COLD and your batteries will die faster. - Photo ID and $20 cash - Dress warm - Flag……WE HAVE - TEAM WEIGHT…..WE ARE WORKING ON IT NOW If you or someone you know need anything off the list before our start time just post it in here. Someone may have extra.
  • Hey all Hope you had a great thanksgiving!! I need the help of a local for coordinating toy drop logistics Please PM me. Thanks 🙏🏻
  • What are we thinking about for team weight?
  • Dear GRTs, Looking forward to meeting you and riding this pain train together, We re gonna be donating toys so bring a few nerfs guns or some other toy you can think of that will make some kid happy this upcoming christmas! Today is veterans day!! remember those who serve!!!
  • Bernardo is a beast!