01. May 2079 - 6:03 till 6:56
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Next Total Solar Eclipse in New York City! | New York, New York | Monday, 01. May 2079

Save the date for the next TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE that will make Manhattan go into the darkness right after the Sunrise! :D
  • I have another commitment that day but I'll try and make it
  • So where do you think the best place would be to watch if it's right after sunrise? Brooklyn Bridge could be ideal, but maybe crowded? I'm bringing root beer floats.
  • Shari Linick, may be we can finally meet up for lunch before hand
  • Nice. Just in time for my 100th birthday
  • I would love to go as long as I make it to 80 years of age
  • I'll be there in spirit...maybe my great grandchildren can enjoy it in honor of me ☀
  • I will likely be a great grandparent by the time this happens...
  • i pray fb is over by then
  • Обязательно пойдём смотреть...если доживём 😉💋💋💋
  • I hope you all know, most of us are gonna be either dead or close to being dead from old age!!
  • Will this be from a boat?
  • Is the place smoke free? Im afraid it might blow up my oxygen tank if someone is smoking nearby.
  • Oh wow! Now I have time to buy Eclipse glasses before they're gone. 🙌
  • I'll probably be starting with the total solar eclipse in northern NY in 2024:)
  • Count me in
  • Count me in😂😂😂
  • Shoot! I think I have an appointment that morning.
  • Not going to make it, just heard in the news that max possible age is 115.7. But you're welcome to come
  • There's a slight chance that I might have to be thawed out of a cryogenic chamber, but other than that, I have no other conflicts that I foresee in making the event! I'm excited about this one!! 🛀🌕🌗🌘🌑
  • I will go if I am still alive
  • Will this event be wheelchair accessible?
  • Where can I find a weather forecast for that day? Will we have a nuclear winter or a global dust storm?
  • Jp Meloche i can't wait !!!☺
  • Does anyone know if I will I be able to bring a medium size backpack into this event?