06. December 2017 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Utopia / Dystopia: Accidental Dystopia | Hauser & Wirth, 22nd Street | Wednesday, 06. December 2017

Is the yearning for a lost paradise a human universal? And is it always doomed to failure? In what ways do our attempts to create a paradise on earth backfire? Is there always, truly, a serpent in the garden? The seven-part series Utopia / Dystopia is presented by Hauser & Wirth Publishers in association with Morbid Anatomy.

For the third installment of Utopia / Dystopia, author Celeste Olalquiaga will present the story of El Helicoide (The Helix), a utopian design in Caracas, Venezuela, gone awry. Conceived in the 1950s as the world’s first drive-through mall, El Helicoide was abandoned and repurposed as an emergency shelter, and then as a police headquarters and prison, before it finally deteriorated into a modern ruin.