26. October 2019 - 13:00 till 16:00
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Break Free from Anxiety, Stress and Depression | Clinic Naturae | Saturday, 26. October 2019

Break Free of Anxiety, Stress and Depression
What are the secrets to boosting health during stressful times? Are there alternatives to anti-depressants?
Anxiety, stress or depression can leave you feeling powerless, moody and unhappy, like a black cloud that descends and doesn’t want to budge.  What happens when you get triggered into this state? Physiological changes happen, your ability to make feel good neurotransmitters reduces, one often reaches out to smoke, drink or take medication to alleviate the dreadful feelings. But if we look deeper there are other remarkable approaches that can significantly change how you feel. 
Find out the latest science, anecdotal evidence and where there is no evidence how to use scientific protocols on yourself to get the change you want.
Spend 3hrs working on your health with scientist and naturopath Rumana Zahn ND (25 years experience) who will take you through:
* The stress scale and becoming aware of triggers* Recognising your own personal symptoms* How infections and certain illnesses affect our mood* Natural foods, herbs and supplements that help* Considerations of correcting without medicating* Understanding the mind-body connection of how thoughts can create symptoms* Discovering your powerful innate ability to over-ride and diffuse stress

Whats included
Create your own personal protocolProgramme handouts and worksheets3hr health planning and focus on symptom eliminationGuidance and support with scientist and naturopathic practitioner Rumana Zahn ND A soothing herbal tea on arrival

Who is this workshop for?
Anyone looking for a different approach to dealing with anxiety, stress and/or depression. Whether you are on medication or not, or looking to come off medication this is an opportunity to explore other options available to you and how to approach making safe and supportive changes. Anyone undergoing therapy or looking into therapies will find beneficial ways to support their current treatment.