15. September 2019 - 17:30
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The Enlightened Life: 5 Part Series | Nightcliff Community Centre | Sunday, 15. September 2019

Everything you need to lead an extraordinary life!
This 5 part series has been created to give you all the knowledge you will ever need to lead a truly successful and fulfilling life.  The program is for everyone and no prior experience is necessary. The course will help you deepen your knowledge about your true self, how to have harmonious relationships and how to deal with the storms of life. In addition, the course will guide you through the pitfalls along the spiritual journey and teach you how to practically apply this wisdom in your daily life. 

Part 1: Sun 15th Sept  – Essential Steps Towards Self-Discovery
The Greek aphorism ‘know thyself’ is still as important today as it was back then. How you identify yourself determines which path you take in life. Part 1 equips you with the essential knowledge and tools to begin to remove the fog and start to see your life in a clearer light.
Part 2:Sun 22nd Sept - The Keys to Harmonious Relationships
‘Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.’We all want supportive, happy relationships. Not just with a partner, but with friends, family, co-workers, etc. Explore the keys to healthy, meaningful relationships in all aspects of your life!
Part 3: Sun 29th Sept – Refuge from the Storms of Life
Let’s **** it, life can get tough sometimes, we all need to have a place where we can rest and find shelter from the storms of life. This session will surprise you and you will leave with a greater sense of peace and understanding about your life.
Part 4: Sun 6th Oct – Avoiding Pitfalls on the Spiritual Journey
The spiritual journey is said to be an inward journey full of ever increasing blissfulness, but the pitfalls along the journey are many. In this class, Ben will draw from the teachings of past and present realized souls to help us avoid the many obstacles of spiritual life.
Part 5: Sun 13th Oct  – Integrating Yoga Wisdom into Daily Life
Yoga wisdom can profoundly affect the way we live our lives. In this session we will learn how to live a joyful and happy life no matter what our circumstances are.
Sundays 15th September to 13th October5.30pm to 8.00pmNightcliff Community CentreEach session includes kirtan meditation and a delicious vegetarian dinner. Free, donations are most welcome