29. February 2020 - 9:30 till 18:30
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2020 Dorothy Lincoln Smith Classical Voice Competition - DC Chapter | Levine School of Music | Saturday, 29. February 2020

Instructions for Application to the NSAL Washington, DC Chapter Live Competition
FIRST PLACE: $3,000SECOND PLACE: $2,000Other awards also available!
A Classical Voice Competition with as much as $10,000 in National monetary awards is the National Society of Arts and Letters legacy of Dorothy Lincoln-Smith, commemorating her 2 years as National NSAL President ending in 2016.Instructions below are for applications to the NSAL Washington, DC Chapter’s Competition.
ELIGIBILITYApplicants must be 23 through 31 years of age as of February 15, 2020. Former NSAL applicants, including recipients of the Shirley Rabb Winston Voice Scholarship who meet this and other criteria are eligible to enter. First-place winners of the National Dorothy Lincoln-Smith competition may not enter again. An applicant may apply to the Washington, DC Chapter, regardless of where the applicant lives, as long as the applicant is able to participate in the Chapter’s Live Competition (see below) and meets all other requirements identified below and in the Application Form.
AWARDSThe competition will be held at two levels: (1) the Chapter level and (2) the National level. At the Washington, DC Chapter level, the 1st place award will be $3,000; 2nd place will be $2,000; 3rd place will be $750; and 4th place will be $250. There may also be additional encouragement awards. Each of the 18 chapters will determine its finalists and then submit up to two top finalists per Chapter to the National level. At the National level, a total of $10,000 may be apportioned among the top finalists, with a maximum of $5,000 to any one finalist.
APPLICATION PROCESSThe NSAL Washington, DC area chapter will feature a Live Chapter Competition, to be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020 in Washington, DC (backup/inclement weather date, Sun. March 8, 2020) that will be adjudicated by three qualified judges well-known in the classical voice world.
A. Contents of Application Package:To apply for this live competition, the NSAL-DC Chapter must receive your application package containing all of the following: (1) the completed Application Form, (2) your resume/bio, (3) head shot, (4) proof of age, and (5) fee (check or money order or EventBrite credit card payment [see below]).
(1) Application Form: The Application Form must be completed and signed by the applicant. Copies of the Application Form are available on the NSAL-DC Chapter website, www.nsalwashington.org. The application must list the repertoire the applicant will be prepared to present if selected for the Chapter Live Competition.
Repertoire Requirements:All applicants must follow the repertoire criteria below:1. Two opera arias, or one opera and one operetta aria2. One art song, or one oratorio aria3. Total time for all three selections combined in items 1 and 2 must be less than 12 minutes.4. Three languages must be represented, one being English5. Repertoire selections must be by different composers, demonstrating contrasting styles6. Dramatic interpretation is encouraged7. Repertoire must be sung from memory except the oratorio selection
(2) Resume/BioApplicants are requested to submit their resume (in Word .doc or .docx format)
(3) Head ShotApplicants are requested to submit a head shot (color or black-and-white) in JPG format. Head shots that are embedded in resumes are acceptable.
(4) Proof of Age:Applicants should submit a copy of their birth certificate along with their application documents. If neither passport nor birth certificate is available, please contact the Washington, DC Chapter Competition Chair, Mrs. Sherry Watkins, at swatkins10@***.net and identify the document that the applicant proposes to submit to meet this requirement. NSAL- DC must abide by NSAL National requirements regarding proof of age, so it is preferable to submit a passport or birth certificate.
(5) Application Fee:The fee for applying to the NSAL-DC Live Competition is: $35 if received on or before January 15, 2020 $50 if received between January 16, 2020 and February 15, 2020
Application fees are nonrefundable. Payment of this fee does not guarantee an audition in the live competition.
Any misrepresentation on any part of the application package will be cause for disqualification without benefit of appeal.
B. Deadline for Receipt of Application Package:All application packages must be received on or before February 15, 2020. Please either:1. Mail the application package to: Mrs. Sherry Watkins, 9500 Spinet Ct., Vienna, VA 22182, or2. Scan and e-mail all elements of the application package to swatkins10@***.net.Applications, fees, and all required items absolutely MUST be RECEIVED by February 15, 2020. NSAL-DC is not responsible for delivery delays. EARLY SUBMISSION IS STRONGLY ADVISED FOR PRIORITY SCHEDULING. For any questions, please contact Mrs. Watkins at 703-281-2505 or 703-994-2675 (mobile), swatkins10@***.net.
C. ScreeningNSAL-DC is interested in hearing as many singers as possible on the Chapter Live Competition date (Feb. 29, 2020). All application packages will be screened on the basis of the material applicants submit. Note that submission of an application package does not guarantee an audition in the Chapter Live Competition.
D. Notification Regarding Participants Selected for Chapter Live CompetitionAll applicants will be notified via email as to their status. For those selected to compete in the Chapter Live Competition, information about performance timing/scheduling for their audition in the live competition will be provided by February 19th.
E. Adjudication1. Applicants will be judged for musicality, vocal quality, interpretation, diction, presentation, and ability to demonstrate exceptional talent and promise of future success2. Qualified judges, well-known in the classical voice world, will select singers to receive awards, with award amounts determined by the NSAL Committee. The Judges’ and Committee’s decisions are final3. Award funds will be provided directly to winners after announcements are made4. Both at the local Chapter level and at the National level, NSAL will look for performance opportunities for finalists. At the Chapter level, the top finalists may be asked to perform at NSAL-DC Chapter’s annual meeting, Viennese Ball, donor dinners, and other events
The National winner may also have the opportunity to perform at the NSAL National Meeting.
F. Notification Regarding Award WinnersJudges will deliberate at the end of the day on the live competition date and reach consensus on winners. The top two finalists, who will be allowed to compete at the National level, will be notified first. All participants in the Chapter Live Competition will receive written notification within 48 hours after the competition date.
G. Application Process for the Top Two Chapter Finalists to Enter the National CompetitionOnce the Chapter finalists have been determined, the top two finalists will each be required to (1) complete the National NSAL Application Form (which differs from the NSAL-DC Chapter Application Form), (2) provide proof of age, and (3) prepare a current high-quality video of the applicant performing the required repertoire and meeting requirements below. The Chapter will email that video, along with the Application package, to the National Classical Voice Chair.
Video Requirements (applicable only to top two Chapter finalists)The following requirements for the video are applicable only to the Top 2 Washington, DC Chapter Finalists determined by the judges during February’s Live Competition:1. The applicant must submit ONE current, high-quality video of the applicant performing ALL of the required repertoire2. The video must not exceed 12 minutes3. Selections are not to be edited except for accompaniment interludes and introductions which may be cut in the interest of time4. The audio may not be enhanced5. The singer should be clearly visible6. Each singer must submit only one video that includes all required repertoire7. The video may be a compilation but without enhancement8. Applicants must upload the completed video to YouTube, identifying yourself by name only9. Applicants should only list song titles and composers in the Description
Notice to all Applicants: By participating in the Dorothy Lincoln-Smith Voice Awards you consent to yourname, image, and likeness being listed on NSAL website and other materials including for advertising,fundraising, and promotional purposes, without payment or additional compensation unless prohibited by law.
******************************************************************QUESTIONS? Contact Mrs. Sherry Watkins, NSAL-DC, swatkins10@***.net; (office) 703-281-2505; (mobile) 703-994-2675.