28. August 2020 - 4:00
Tickets finden, Northcote
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Grace & Grit Ground Zero. 5Rhythms Ritual Theatre | Friday, 28. August 2020

Grace & Grit- GROUND ZERO

A 5Rhythms® introductory workshop

Belle Power & Rivka Worth

August 28,29,30

How to Dance

when we are **** down in the mud

swallowing our own evolution.

Raise yourself back up to wholeness. Embrace your many selves. Inspire Creation within yourself. Know and Deeply understand how powerful you really are

This is a 5Rhythms workshops for the many versions of ourselves.

Some of them you may know well, some of them you just met in a bar once and others are with you every day....

the Outlanders, the Liars, the Self Aficionados, the Magicians, Librarians, Miners, Martyrs and Saints

Whats in there for you? Whats been plauging you?

This is a call to revolutionise your Self

through Dance, Ritual and Theatre

Together we reveal aspects of our character, who through their Grace and Grit Raise us back to wholeness

“If theater is ritual, then dance is too... It's as if the threads connecting us to the rest of the world were washed clean of preconceptions and fears. When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello

Maybe life is meant to be messy. Maybe that's the whole point, the whole puzzle. We spend it looking for the gold amongst the ****. During some enlightened moments we remember that difficult and easeful are different points on the same spectrum, that our struggle and our success is but the same, that our vulnerability and our strength is our power and that our shame and our volatility is also our wildness, our worth and our beauty.

To be seen is to be whole.

We are so excited to join forces, Power & Worth, to offer our service to you on this rough road to bliss.

This workshop is not for everyone.

If it's a YES for you, we highly recommend you BOOK.

This workshop is a taste of the 3 days Grace & Grit coming in July

with love and respect