11. February 2018 - 9:00 till 18:00
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Time Attack Tasmania 2018 | Baskerville Raceway | Sunday, 11. February 2018

Time Attack Tasmania is back in 2018 with another event at the Pepsi Max Baskerville Raceway!
Featuring Street Stock, Street Mod, Modified and Unlimited categories, what will you time be at Time Attack Tasmania 2018?

Free spectator entry.
  • Entry Form and Supplementary Regulations can now be found here and on our website Entry Form (Google: https://goo.gl/i8c9nS)(Website: https://goo.gl/PGpqVd) Supp Regs (Google: https://goo.gl/x8vzMq)(Website: https://goo.gl/c7mZii) Entry is $140, + $50 for a Timer deposit, which will be refunded on return of Timer at end of the day. Basic requirements include a CAMS L2 Speed licence, Car Club membership, Car or Motorbike Helmet and suitable clothing. Individual requirements for each class can be found in the Regulations and Supp Regs. Don't hesitate to ask us if you require assistance. What will your time be at Time Attack Tasmania 2018?
  • Provisional Time Attack Tasmania 2018 Regulations have now been released. These can be found here (https://goo.gl/8uWopL) or on our website (https://goo.gl/VXRNXr). Changes from Time Attack Tasmania 2017 have been marked in Red for a better comparison. Provisional Supp Regs and Entry Form to be released shortly.
  • At Time Attack Tasmania 2018, we'll be running 4 classes for you to join. Street Stock: For cars that are still in stock or lightly modified form with some choice bolt ones. Want to brag to your friends you have the quickest stock daily? Bring it. Have a lightly modified weekender that you want to test the limits? That will work. Want to see how fast your grandmothers camry will go? That will be fine to. Street Mod: Using the WTAC Clubsprint rules, this class is for people getting more serious with their modifications or starting to test the waters with some aerodynamics. Engine swaps are allowed within the same manufacturer, save for it must have the same amount of cylinders or rotors as OEM. Turbo's or Superchargers are allowed provided they are fitted to an engine that can use Forced Induction as per OEM. Modified: Using the WTAC Open rules, this is where we get serious, this is for people with race cars or other highly strung vehicles that don't fit into the above categories. Engine swaps are free but must be based on a production engine, and force induction is free. More freedoms in the Aero and Body department. But with more freedoms come the need for more safety. Unlimited: Using the WTAC Pro-Am rules as a base, we have opened the doors to vehicles that would not fit any of the above 3 classes. Have a kit car or hillclimb car that wouldn't normally fit? We have you covered. Got a car with some wild engine or body mods? We have you covered. Got a supercar you don't want to put a roll cage in? We have you covered for that as well. We had a to set a limitation somewhere for this class, so we kept the Aero rules from the Pro/Pro-Am regulations. This bar is set quite high, so you have plenty of leeway here. Rules to be released soon, with more information to come.
  • The Hobart Sporting Car Club presents Time Attack Tasmania 2018 held at the Pepsi Max Baskerville Raceway on Sunday 11th February. Featuring Street Stock, Street Mod, Modified and Unlimited, what will your time be at Time Attack Tasmania 2018? Only requiring a CAMS affiliated club membership, CAMS L2 Speed licence, a helmet and an eligible car; battle friends and family to prove YOU are the fastest and take home bragging rights! More information to follow....