26. May 2020 - 8:00
Online, Online
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E-Commerce Platform With Zero Risk & Free Coaching

About this Event

About this Event

Bringing a business online has been an increasing trend, but it has become more crucial in the recent months.

Creating an online presence for your business is becoming so vital now, as there is the need to shift our focus to meet current consumer behaviour. More and more are seeing the benefits of this trend.

So, are you looking for a proven business model to start a successful e-commerce business?

Do you want to acquire skillsets that will elevate your skills from ZERO to HERO?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to network with other professionals in your business?

Are you hungry for proven growth strategies?

Are you looking to build your brand and business?

Do you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone, to realize your dreams?

Mastering A Brand New Era Of E-Commerce Biz with these headstarts:-

• FUTURE BUSINESS MODEL - What is the future business model?

• DISCOVERY OF TRENDS - Discover what are the global needs and demand?

• MARKET DIRECTION - What is Alibaba, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google investing into?

• ONLINE PLATFORM - Are there any platforms that are powerful for a true global market outreach?

• BIGGEST NICHÉ MARKET - What niché to focus on when building your online business according to Google trends?

• MENTORING SUPPORT - How to build an E-Commerce business with a 1-year Internship programme, with attention to Social Media engagement.

What can you expect?

The cheapest way to start your business online without professional IT skills.

Ability to replicate different online opportunities for yourself for additional streams of income.

Ability to elevate your brand and personal profile in many folds.

Start your own online business without having to buy stocks or ship products.

Build an online business without high overheads like the staff and office rental

Continuous training and mentoring.

☑Global System provided ☑Marketing Tools provided ☑Global Markets Available ☑Social Media Marketing ☑Mentoring provided ☑Part time / Full time

Who should attend the course?

Working Professionals who want to be their OWN Boss!

Entrepreneurs at heart

Small Business owners

Individuals who want to build a personal brand

Stay-at-home Moms/Working Moms/Part-timers who are hungry for a change

Retirees - To becoming Business Owner(s)

Anyone who wants to earn extra income

Golden Opportunity to Create BREAKTHROUGH in 2020 by Attending FREE LATEST  E-Commerce Business Online  

(Sorry, LIMITED INVITATION - FREE invitation is very LIMITED)

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