17. November 2019 - 17:00
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OZAV Seminar On Human Factors | Toomah Community Centre, VIC, AU | Sunday, 17. November 2019

Fortnightly wednesdays - the next run is on 13 Nov, and forward by fortnightly wednesdays from there.
Toomah Community Centre, rooms 3 and 4, the time: 5pm's to 8 pm's.
Another quality community awareness program & initiative from Oztronix Aviation, now on everyone's 'bucket list' - world-wide, since it applies to all (and any) industries and covers the topics as:
-Human Factors-Safety Culture-Communication-Teamwork-Situational Awareness-Decision Making-Threat And Error Management-Information Processing-Automation And Management-Videos and seminar References sheets-Also: an oportunity to join our sport organisation and activities of choice, such as: flying (sport aviation), Ozav Physical (fitness bootcamp), than: boating, scuba and swimming activities, all under our single membership.If  interested  - you are the most welcome, to visit our open seminar, as said above, and benfit in every possible way.Possible integrations of our seminar with other organisations are also welcome, thanks.
Oztronix Aviation - OZAV International.  www.Facebook.Com/OZAVAUS.