31. May 2020 - 6:30 till 6:30
Paradise Point parkrun, Paradise Point
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50k Interclub Relay Challenge 2020 | Sunday, 31. May 2020

Back by massive popular demand and FOMO’s from those that didn’t/couldn’t join in!!!

Let's get all the clubs together for a fun hit out in a 50k relay challenge while taking in the scenery of our gorgeous Gold Coast. Starting from Paradise Point Parkrun we'll make our way south down the coast to Twin Towns public park off Boundary Street, Tweed Heads where we can finish with a bbq lunch and drinks together (BYO).

What you need to know:

* There is no cost to join in.

* Come to have fun!!! Yes it's a race, but we're here to enjoy ourselves. Run in your club colours (that would look awesome as a team) or in your favourites.

* 5 people per team travelling in ONE car, repeat, ONE car to reduce changeover congestion, must be mixed teams with a ratio of either 3 men/2 ladies or 3 ladies/2 men.

* 5k maximum per section with each runner running twice but can't be back to back runs. Simply tag the next runner of your team at the nominated finish/start of each section (shown on maps provided)

* There will a special stage nominated where either a Tutu or a crazy wig of your choice will be required to be worn. We're here to laugh at everyone ok and we know how good you'll look!!

* Each person must be a registered member of a club for insurance reasons (some clubs have their own insurance or members have signed a waiver against any legal claims.) If you're not, an example of one of the local clubs memberships is only $30.

* Each team is responsbile for their own hydration.

* This is not a closed road run. Care will need to be taken at intersections and running through busy sections of the public. Common sense will be required just like any of your social or training runs you do. Stay on the paths or as close to the gutters as possible.

* Each team will be given access to the maps of each 5k section of the course. We plan to mark the change over locations and critical turns with chalk the Saturday night before the run to help guide, otherwise you’ll have the ocean....keeping it on your left is important.

* Cheering for your team mates and squirting the opposition with water is encouraged.

* Each team is to meet at an organised location of their choice and car pool from there to the start location. 1 car per team at the start location.

Suggest arriving around 5am for time for coffee, toilets and photos.

5:30am run briefing

5:50am warm up run to the start location 800m north of the Paradise Point Parkrun meeting location.

6:00am first runners start.