12. September 2019 - 17:00 till 19:30
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3D Printing Instruments Hackathon | The University of Melbourne | Thursday, 12. September 2019

The session of this Hackathon is being held on 12th of September from 5-7:30pm by Eric Jong and Gordon Chen from Research Platform Services._
*About this Event:*
3D Printing Hackathon: learn 3D printing through making!
Hear from some guest speakers about innovation in 3d printing and creative practice, then meet some of your fellow hackathon participants over some pizza and drinks.
Get creative, innovate and collaborate in small teams of fellow researchers to create a musical device using 3D printing.
Let your imagination run wild and imagine a new instrument, a improvement or modification to a existing one, design it, 3D print it, and share it with others in a presentation to a special guest panel and jump in on a jam session with your creation!

This event is bought to you by Research Platforms Services. Contact us at research.bazaar@gmail.com.
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