19. September 2019 - 18:30 till 21:00
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Implanon NXT practical training | Parkville | Thursday, 19. September 2019

The workshop provides the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safely insert and remove Implanon NXT through supervised simulated practice. Content includes clinical information, safe insertion and removal, indications and contraindications, and management of side effects.
Pre-requsite: completion of Implanon NXT online training at http://www.implanonnxt.com.au. Please note it can take several days to be registered for the online training. Please ensure this component is completed prior to the practial training workshop.
Please provide evidence of completion of online training at course attendance.
Suitable for doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and midwives. Opportunities for skill development in local anaesthetic administration are provided for nurses & midwives as required.