14. August 2019 - 9:00 till 13:00
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R- Functions and Control Flow Workshop | The University of Melbourne | Wednesday, 14. August 2019

Your trainer for this workshop is Pablo Franco from Research Platform Services.
This workshop is being held on Wednesday 14th August 9-1pm
About this Event:
Please note that you must have attended the R introductory workshop or have some basic R knowledge in order to attend this workshop.The goal of this workshop is to teach R programmers how to compartmentalise their code using functions and how to use control flow. You will learn easier ways to analyse and automate your data analysis with the help of if statements and loops. Specifically, you will be learning how to write for and while loops from scratch in order to get all the information you want from your data.**Participants must bring a laptop and charger** with a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system (not a tablet, Chromebook, etc.) that they have administrative privileges on.Participants are also asked to install R, and RStudio prior to the workshop (See instructions at https://resbaz.github.io/installRinstructions/).Workshop website: https://resbaz.github.io/R_Advanced_May/This event is bought to you by Research Platforms Services. Contact us at research.bazaar@gmail.com..

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