24. August 2019 - 10:30 till 11:30
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Room with a point of view | Parkville | Saturday, 24. August 2019

“You built me up. You changed me. You loved me. You left me. Ultimately, you used me – what else can I call it?” 

Explore the changing use and disuse of urban and industrial spaces, from the point of view of the buildings themselves. How does it feel to have been home to a rave, a bustling laboratory, or a film set? 

Blending science, performance art and architectural design, this tour features untold stories, hidden facts, wild speculation and complete fabrications*. 

Created and performed by the award-winning Jim Fishwick from Jetpack Theatre.  

Please note: This tour takes place in the locations it discusses, in winter. Please wear practical shoes and warm clothes. It requires moving from site to site, but does not involve audience interaction.  Unfortunately this event has able bodied access only.

* The tour may not contain a neon lit tunnel.