09. September 2019 - 17:30 till 18:30
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Stem Cell Partnerships: From bench to bedside | Ian Potter Auditorium | Monday, 09. September 2019

Taking scientific discoveries from the laboratory to patients in the clinic requires a network of people with skills, knowledge, time and passion. Join us to hear how three teams from across Parkville are using stem cells to advance understanding and development of new treatments for diseases affecting liver, gut and vision.  
There will be an opportunity following the main event to meet the researchers and others interested in stem cell research.
Areas of Research:
Liver Disease
Dr Kiryu Yap, St Vincent’s Institute and Hospital.
Dr Kiryu Yap is a trainee surgeon currently completing a PhD at St Vincent’s Institute and Hospital and is an honorary fellow of the Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne. Dr Yap is working on developing a bio-engineered model of human liver tissue with blood vessels, aiming to ultimately grow livers from stem cells for transplant.
Gut Disease
Dr Lincon Stamp and Dr Marlene Hao, University of Melbourne A/ Professor Sebastian King, Royal Children's Hospital
Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience researchers Drs Lincon Stamp and Marlene Hao have partnered with clinician A/Prof Sebastian King to explore a stem cell based therapy alternative to surgery in children with Hirschsprung Disease
Eye Disease
Professor Alice Pébay and Dr Matt Rutar, University of Melbourne Daniel Feller, Genetic Cures Australia
Professor Alice Pébay and Dr Matt Rutar from the Departments of Surgery and Anatomy and Neuroscience are using stem cells to model the retina and are exploring potential cures for eye diseases. This work is well known to Genetic Cures Australia, a charity focused on supporting research for genetic eye disease.
Professor Christine Wells, Centre for Stem Cell Systems DirectorA/Professor Megan Munsie, Centre for Stem Cell Systems Deputy Director
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