22. August 2019 - 9:00
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Adobe After Effects Essentials Course PERTH LS | Level 27, St Martins Tower (Regus) | Thursday, 22. August 2019

Create stunning motion graphics and visual effects using the industry standard tool for motion graphics and Hollywood style effects for cinema, television and web formats creative compositing software.
Up your skills from the basic through to advanced animation techniques, Text animations, Motion effects, Track mattes, Nesting, Precompose, 3D cameras & Lighting and other.
Pre-Course Requirements:No previous experience required to attend this course although After Effects knowledge will be an advantage.
For PC or MACS users.


Knowledge of Computer Operating System and basic computer navigation 

Basic knowledge of video editing terminology is highly recommended

Bring your own laptop with application software loaded (If you don't have a laptop, let us know we can supply one for you at a nominal fee)

Course Outline

After Effects Overview
• Creating a new Project • Overview of Layer & Composition windows • Workspace & Panels • Creating a new composition • Importing files • Formats and File Types
Understanding the different Transforms • Animating Keyframes • Keyframe Interpolation • Roving Keyframe • Auto orientation • Adding effects and using the Effects Control Panel • Importing Photoshop/Illustrator files • Using the Graph Editor
Composition & Layer panel
• Layer stacking order  • Trimming layers in and out points • Looping footage • Effectively using Blending Modes • Effect motion paths • Navigating the Effects & Presets panel  • Creating text • Using Text Presets • Animating text • Working with Range Selectors • Text on a path • Adding custom Text animation
Linking & Parenting
• Linking Layers • Parenting, Nesting • Pre-Compose • Null Objects
• Masking Overview • Rectangular, Ellipse and Star Mask tool • Mask Feathering • Animating a Mask Shape • Track Matte tools • Effects & Keying • Levels, Curves, Exposure • CC toner, Color correction • Background Effects • Create Gradients • Motion Blur • Noise & Grain • Fractal Noise • Using KeyLight 
Shape layer
• Stroke and Fill settings • Editing shapes • Adding Shape Effects
Tracking, Stabilizing, Rotoscoping
• Using the Motion Tracker • Stabilize Footage • Applying tracking to effects • Rotoscoping
3D Introduction
• 3D Overview • Creating 3D layers • Creating Cameras • Adding Lights • Animating the Cameras
Export Rendering *****
• Using the Render ***** • Render Settings • Size • Using Output Module options and presets • Export video for HD formats, web video and You-Tube
AU$790.00 pp  ($690 Early Bird)
Course fee includes Adobe’s Classroom in a Book (Digital Copy) and course materials.
Tea, coffee, Filtered water and biscuits are available throughout the day and lunch.
1 Venue Subject to change within Perth CBD
2 Labspace reserves the right to cancel a course at any time for what ever reason.  Full refunds will be issued in the event of a cancelation by Labspace.
3 For all Policies see http://www.labspaceaustralia.com/policies