25. July 2017 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Business Chicks workshop with Amy Cuddy | Crown Perth | Tuesday, 25. July 2017

Amy Cuddy is a world-renowned expert on mastering your body language and building presence. Her TED talk, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are, is the second most viewed TED talk of all time with over 40 million views. She’s a Harvard researcher and social psychologist who got women Power Posing in bathrooms all around the world.

This is the first time Amy has done a speaking tour in Australia and she’ll be leading workshops in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. We’d love for you to come along, bring your friends, and/or book a table for you and your colleagues. ​

At Business Chicks we want to put people on stage who will not only inspire you, but also give you practical skills to take with you. Amy Cuddy is one of those people. In her own words, ‘it’s not about faking it ‘til you make it, it’s about faking it ‘til you become it’ and after a couple of hours with Amy, we know you’ll leave with a depth of knowledge on how to make those first steps to become more powerful in business and in life.
  • I got the sold out message for Perth just as I was registering. Is there a waitlist I can put my name on?
  • Women are becoming stronger and stronger in the workforce, yet still there is a gab between our male counterparts. How come men still earn more in average than female? How come traditional female jobs are still predominantly exercised by women? Is it habit, is it culture, is it mindset, or is it our body language? I am curious to find out what Amy's view is, and how she believes we can stand our ground by having the right body language. So excited to join the event on July 25th!