18. March 2018 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Carine Community Fair 2018 | Carine Open Space | Sunday, 18. March 2018

The 30th Carine Community Fair will be held on Sunday 18 March 2018!

Check out our brand new website -
Community Stalls
Market Stalls
Old McDonald's Farm
Free Basketball Clinic
Chocolate Wheel
Side Show Alley
Showbag Van
Kids Rides/Amusements
Free Live Entertainment
Food & Drinks Stalls
Ice Cream & Slushie Stalls
And Lots Lots More!!

The Fair has grown to become one of the major annual events in the northern suburbs. It is designed to give community groups with limited resources an opportunity to raise their own funds which otherwise may not have been possible. Organisations which have benefited in the past by using the Fair as a means of supplementing their own fund raising efforts include scouting groups, Silver Chain, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Red Cross, school P&C’s, junior sporting clubs and the like.

In addition, the event provides participants with an opportunity to engage with a large number of visitors from the surrounding area who are drawn to the Fair to see a variety of fun and interesting attractions in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

The fair has FREE entry but we encourage everyone to donate generously to Rotary's worthy cause.

Queries for stallholders, food vendors, coffee vans and amusement providers can be directed to - applications@

General enquiries can be sent to contact@
  • We’re proud to announce that the Royal Australian Navy Band Western Australia will be headlining the Rotary Carine Community Fair this year!
  • 🤡 Under 6 weeks to go! (41 days)🤹‍♀️ Have you applied for a stall? If yes and you’ve been accepted, please make sure you make prompt payment. We have lots of applicants on our reserve list that will happily take your spot if payment is not made. 🎡Have an amusement/attraction that you’d like to bring to the fair? Drop us an email with some details! 🎢 applications@carinefair.com.au Remember to click “Going” on the event and share the post to let all your friends know! 😊
  • We’ve added our updated map to the Map page on our new website - https://www.carinefair.com.au/map/ Here you can see all the stalls that are locked in and those that are still available. If you’re interested in applying for a stall at the Rotary Carine Community Fair, simply fill out the form linked on this page - https://www.carinefair.com.au/stalls/ *NOTE* Greyed out stalls are unavailable. Applications are still being accepted for Blue stalls. The colour of a stall only changes upon receipt of payment (once approved by the Carine Community Fair Committee). We look forward to seeing you at the fair!
  • Please stop sending these promotion to this email thank you not interested
  • Hoping to get a stall at your awesome event thank you I have filled out a application 🙏❤️
  • Can't wait for march!!!😍😍 https://www.facebook.com/leesdreamcatcher/
  • 🎉Applications for stalls are still open! Our map is filling up nicely. The dark blue squares show which stall locations are currently available whilst the dark grey ones are locked in. If you click on a dark grey stall, you can see which business will be there on the day of the fair. To get a sneak peek of who will be at the Rotary Carine Community Fair in March 2018, visit https://www.carinefair.com.au/vendor-select-stall/ A note to applicants - we are still regularly reviewing applications so please be patient with us. The Christmas period is busy for everyone but we will be in contact asap regarding the outcome of your application.🎅
  • We have started to approve stall applications! Once an application is accepted, the applicant is sent a payment link. After payment is made, we update the map so that the relevant stall is no longer available (shown in grey). If you haven’t yet applied for a stall, food truck or coffee van spot, then make sure you do so quickly as spaces are filling up fast! Register your interest here - https://www.carinefair.com.au/stalls/ Our map currently looks like this.
  • Applications are coming in thick and fast for the 2018 Carine Community Fair. Stallholder/Coffee Van/Food Truck applications are now open and can be filled out on our website - https://www.carinefair.com.au/stalls Don’t delay! Get your application in today!
  • 🚨Stallholder, Food Truck and Coffee Van applications are now OPEN🚨 This year we've done away with the Word document forms and upgraded to our fancy new website. Here you'll be able to apply online for a spot at our fair as well as find lots of information about the fair, the new process and of course Rotary. To apply, visit this link - http://www.carinefair.com.au/stalls/ 🍦❗️Please note that the Rotary Club of Hillarys has an ice cream stall at the fair. Therefore applications for ice cream stalls will not be accepted❗️🍦 For any inquiries regarding the application process, please email applications@carinefair.com.au If you would like a printable version of the application form, please contact applications@carinefair.com.au
  • ❗️❗️❗️CHANGE OF DATE❗️❗️❗️ Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Rotary Club of Hillarys has had to change the date of the fair. The new date will be Sunday 18th March 2018 (a week earlier). Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • The 30th Carine Community Fair in 2018 will have an amended layout. After the 2017 fair, the City of Stirling introduced mulch beds around a lot of the shaded area we use for stallholders, primarily to help the trees flourish. 🌲 🌳 In light of this, we’ve had to move a lot of the stalls to a new shaded area. ❗️DON’T panic❗️there will be plenty of stall locations to choose from and there will be additional shaded areas created for patrons on the day. More updates soon, watch this space 😎